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150+ Wonderful Yin Yang Tattoo Designs (2021)

by Tattoo Shoo

You may not go wrong with yin yang tattoo if you think to have a tattoo that speaks harmony and peacefulness. People who love tattoo, usually like to have different types of tattoo with varies designs. They also look for unique designs with significant meaning. Actually, a tattoo is art through which people could symbol their story which they want to express to others.

Now you may have one question in your mind that, what this tattoo stand for and which design would be best for you? Don’t worry too much, because in our article we try to cover everything about yin yang tattoo that will meet your needs.

So to get appropriate information about this tattoo, stay with us and keep continue your reading.


yin yang tattoo

History of yin yang tattoo

Back in the 3rd century BCE or earlier, the symbol of this tattoo was the concept of Chinese culture and philosophy.

This tattoo may find in the origin things of Chinese like in their science, arts, medicine, exercise, etc.

In the culture of Chinese, yin and yang have their opposite meaning, but they believe that both have an attraction with each other. Chinese people strongly believe that everything in this universe only defined through yin or yang.

And when it comes to the point of tattoo that Chinese people give more value, the yin yang symbol ranked as the best one with the dragon and Phoenix. Yin yang symbol represents the connection of your mind and body.

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Yin yang tattoo meaning

 Are you struggling with two opposing segments in your life? Then this tattoo is the best choice for you because the designs of this tattoo can portray an equal balance between 2 opposite forces of life.

Who wants a perfectly balanced life, this tattoo would be the best symbol for them. Yin yang is a powerful reminder of bad and good.

The word Yin and Yang, actually come from Taoism religion of China.

The circle of this tattoo symbol is equally divided into two symmetrical sectors, and which have white and black colors.

Where yin stands for dark swirl and yang stand for white (light) part of anything. And each side of this tattoo has a dot of the opposite color.

yin yang tattoo

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For example, this yin yang symbol considers also considers other several things like dark and light, cold versus hot, and so on. And yang also represents masculine energy on the other hand yin represents feminine energy too.

Furthermore, Yin Yang represents the extreme of anything, where it means that in this world all things have their own inverse. It does not mean that it is a negative symbol. However, it is a vital symbol in the culture of Chinese, which used to represent unity and balance, female and male, etc.

It is believed by Chinese culture that, if yin yang goes out of control in your life, then it could bring evil into your life. And if it happens so, any goodwill does not return into your life until balance comes.

The symbol of this tattoo may be interpreted differently but how you take that interpretation will depend on your own belief.

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What does the yin yang stand for?

Here we make a list of the different meanings of this yin and yang.

yin yang tattoo


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So, to represent human nature, yin yang could be a reminder that all of us have two qualities like good and bad. In this world, no one is a complete saint and is purely evil. Everyone/everything has two sides. To find true happiness we must try hard to balance among bad and good qualities of us.

Here for you, we try to discuss the meaning of this tattoo separately, which may help you to understand the whole meaning easily.



One of the popular concepts for a couple is unity. Usually, the couple likes to divide the yin yang between them. And the most favorite body part they like so much is their wrist, and the main reason behind this is that, when trying to hold each other hand, their divided tattoo will come together to form a complete form of a tattoo.



This principle rules of life are very popular for those who actually value their work time and also playtime. Because they believe that both have a different important impact on their life. In general, day time makes us more productive, and nighttime allows us to relax. There was a strong connection between these two things, because without any work we may not have a desire to rest on the other hand without proper rest we could not work next time.

yin yang tattoo

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Everyone has something that helps to complete them. Who has a strong passion for anything like, job, hobby, etc. this concept would be great for them because that passion makes them complete.

Cycle of life

The circle design of this tattoo symbolizes the cycle of life, where each half may represent death and life.



This principle basically incorporates the moon and the sun in each half, which represents that after each night there would be a new day.



It represents that 2 different forces have the ability to work together. For example, to create time, the moon and sun work together. Similarly, to create warmth, coldness and heat work together. This concept also may apply to music, such as many people may like to include instruments of music that complement each other, like a piano and violin.

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The popularity of the designs of yin yang

Nowadays people like to choose unique designs of tattoo which speak about their personality and character. Among many tattoos, yin yang becomes popular for the following reasons.

  • Yin yang is a cool design, which can be placed any part of our body
  • Our circle of life clearly represents through the yin yang symbol.
  • Both women and men can have this tattoo to express their strong personalities.
  • Usually, people get easily attracted to such complicated tattoo designs.
  • It clearly represents the true philosophy of our life and that is a balance of life.

You can find lots of uniqueness in this tattoo, so to get the best one and to save yourself from any type of troubles, later on, we recommend you hire an expert tattoo artist from the world’s best tattoo shop.


Placement of this tattoo

The symbol of this tattoo comes in various designs and the designs can be striking. You can place this tattoo anywhere on your body including back, shoulder, neck, hand, leg, arm, thigh, hip, chest, and wrist, etc.

The circular symbol is known as an eye-catching symbol. Generally, this tattoo will look amazing anywhere you place it.

Please, check out the list of our intriguing, unique, and peaceful yin yang designs just for your next or maybe 1st tattoo.

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Tattoo designs of Yin yang

All types of designs are collected here to choose your best one. Keep reading and watching.


Classic designs

These designs represent the opposite forces found in all things in the universe and which illustrate the necessity of balance in things.

yin yang tattoo

Yin yang lotus symbol

The combination of lotus in yin yang represents purity and the strength of religion. All around the world this symbol is recognized as the importance of the holy seat of Buddha.

yin yang tattoo

Yin yang eye designs

It is mainly the symbol of balance and focus, which expresses peace, clear vision and balance of your life.

yin yang tattoo

Yin yang heart-shaped design

It is one of the popular designs of the tattoo. This design reminds us of our true lovers. It symbolizes represent a balance between love and heart in our life.

yin yang tattoo

Yin yang moon and a sun tattoo

In this tattoo, the sun represents rebirth, on the other hand, the moon represent the past of yours.

yin yang tattoo

Yin yang dragon and tiger

This tattoo represents the balance of power, where the tiger stands for strength and hard power, and the dragon stands for a tool of leadership.

yin yang tattoo

Yin yang tree design


These designs use to represent the maintenance balance in spite of opposite forces.

yin yang tattoo

Two koi fish in yin yang

These designs express two opposites that are attracted to each other

yin yang tattoo

Hamsa yin yang design

This design is popular in Northern Africa and in the Middle East. People love to wear these designs to gain good luck and to keep protection from the eye of evil.

Yin yang and wings

These designs usually represent inspiration, enlightenment, spirituality, and guidance.

yin yang tattoo

Dolphin and yin yang

It represents epitomize the notion of living in harmony with nature.

yin yang tattoo yin yang tattoo

Yin yang tattoos fire and water

These designs represent the hard and soft side of anyone or anything.

yin yang tattoo

Badass yin yang tattoos

This is not cute at all, you may dare to have done it.

Black and white tattoo

Besides a colorful tattoo, a black and white tattoo is also popular among tattoo lovers. So you may also art your body with these tattoo designs.

yin yang tattoo

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So go ahead and explore all of the yin yang tattoos that you will find mind provoking and quite unique.


black-and-white-yin-yang-tattoo-copy classic-yin-yang-tattoo-copy fb

sun-moon-yin-yang-tattoo-copy yhjgh yin-yang-eye-tattoo-copy

yin-yang-fire-water-tattoo-copy yin-yang-tattoo-copy yin-yang-tattoo-for-man-copy

yin-yang-tiger-dragon-tattoo-copy yin-yang-tree-tattoo-copy yin-yang-wings-tattoo-copy

yin-yang-fish-tattoo yin-yang-fish-tattoo-1 yin-yang-fish-tattoo-2

yin-yang-fish-tattoo-3 yin-yang-fish-tattoo-4 yin-yang-fish-tattoo-5

yin-yang-fish-tattoo-6 yin-yang-fish-tattoo-7 yin-yang-fish-tattoo-8

yin-yang-fish-tattoo-9 yin-yang-flower-tattoo-1 yin-yang-flower-tattoo-10

yin-yang-flower-tattoo-2 yin-yang-flower-tattoo-3 yin-yang-flower-tattoo-4

yin-yang-flower-tattoo-5 yin-yang-flower-tattoo-6 yin-yang-flower-tattoo-7

yin-yang-flower-tattoo-8 yin-yang-flower-tattoo-9 yin-yang-small-tattoo

yin-yang-small-tattoo-1 yin-yang-small-tattoo-10 yin-yang-small-tattoo-11

yin-yang-small-tattoo-12 yin-yang-small-tattoo-13

yin-yang-small-tattoo-15 yin-yang-small-tattoo-16 yin-yang-small-tattoo-17

yin-yang-small-tattoo-18 yin-yang-small-tattoo-19 yin-yang-small-tattoo-2

yin-yang-small-tattoo-20 yin-yang-small-tattoo-21 yin-yang-small-tattoo-22

yin-yang-small-tattoo-23 yin-yang-small-tattoo-24 yin-yang-small-tattoo-3

yin-yang-small-tattoo-4 yin-yang-small-tattoo-5 yin-yang-small-tattoo-7

yin-yang-small-tattoo-8 yin-yang-small-tattoo-9 yin-yang-tattoo-1

yin-yang-tattoo-10 yin-yang-tattoo-11 yin-yang-tattoo-12

yin-yang-tattoo-13 yin-yang-tattoo-14 yin-yang-tattoo-15

yin-yang-tattoo-17 yin-yang-tattoo-18 yin-yang-tattoo-19

yin-yang-tattoo-2 yin-yang-tattoo-20 yin-yang-tattoo-21

yin-yang-tattoo-22 yin-yang-tattoo-23 yin-yang-tattoo-3

yin-yang-tattoo-4 yin-yang-tattoo-5 yin-yang-tattoo-6

yin-yang-tattoo-7 yin-yang-tattoo-8 yin-yang-tattoo-9



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