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50+ Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo (Unique Designs 2021)

by Tattoo Shoo

Do you like yin yang tattoo? If you like this tattoo and also want to make your tattoo more attractive, then you can combine your design with dragon tattoos. Because yin yang dragon tattoo is one of the top choices among the young generation.

yin yang dragon tattoo

Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo

Actually, yin yang designs are the popular tattoo design in the culture of Chinese. Yin yang meaning is opposite to each other. But both yin and yang have an attraction with each other. Actually, the yin yang symbol represents the connection between body and mind. This tattoo basically represents an equal balance between two opposite forces of life. It also represents male and female unity and balance. Learn more

Dragon Tattoo, basically represent strength. This tattoo actually has given both personalities like evil and good. In the history of folklore and mythology, dragons are one of the most legendary creatures. Both man and women can wear this tattoo. And you also can find different designs with different sizes and colors.

yin yang dragon tattoo

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Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Most importantly Dragon tattoos meaning is vary according to the culture of different countries and Dragon Symbolism. For example –

  • In Asia tattoo of dragon stands for balance
  • In the culture of Chinese, the dragon represents one half of the yang and yin and the other half represents by the phoenix.
  • Japanese dragon tattoo represents freedom, balance, and good luck. In Japan, it also known as supernatural wisdom and powers.
  • The people of other culture like dragon tattoo to represent the balance of their life. Because they believe that balance is crucial for success.


yin yang dragon tattoo

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Different Types of Dragon with Meaning

Here we try to list different types of a dragon which symbolize for a different meaning. Please take a look.

Chinese Dragons – Power, fear and strength.

Horned Dragons – Strongest.

Celestial Dragons – Protectors of heaven and god.

Earth Dragons – Rule the earth

yin yang dragon tattoo

Yellow Dragons – This type of dragons represent hornless and they are known for their knowledge.

Treasure Dragons – Protector of valuable earthy elements and precious gems.

Spiritual Dragons – Represent control of the rain and wind.

Coiling Dragons – Control the oceans.

Small Dragon Tattoos

yin yang dragon tattoo

Simple Dragon Tattoo

yin yang dragon tattoo

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In the culture of Japanese, you can find 6 different dragons with different meanings.

Han-Riu Dragon Tattoo

Kai-Riu Dragon

yin yang dragon tattoo

Sui-Riu Dragon Tattoo

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Ri-Riu Dragon Tattoo

yin yang dragon tattoo

Hai-Riu Dragon

Fuku-Riu Dragon Tattoo

yin yang dragon tattoo

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Color of different dragons also means differently. Different color represents different attributes.

Black Color – represent parents are wise and old.

Green Dragon – life and earth. It also associated with little size of dragons.

Blue Color Dragon – Represent compassion, laziness, and forgiveness.

Yellow Dragon – Represent helpful and self-centered.

Gold Color Dragon – Stands for kindness, wisdom, and helpfulness.

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In our article, we try to collect all the latest unique designs of yin yang dragon tattoo. We hope the review of this article will help you to get unique ideas and more inspiration for your next tattoo.

Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo Designs

yin yang dragon tattoo

yin yang dragon tattoo

Yin Yang Dragon Tiger Tattoo

Both tiger and dragon are the symbols of power and strength. It is one of the most power demonstrating tattoo designs. It is one of the trending designs all over the world.

Yin Yang Dragon Phoenix

In Feng Shui, Phoenix and dragon are the perfect couples. Where Dragon represent ‘Yang Symbol’ and Phoenix represent ‘Yin Symbol.’ It is believed by people that a couple who are newly married will be blessed by both matriarch and patriarch luck, success in life and prosperity with many filial offsprings.

yin yang dragon tattoo

Yin Yang Tattoo Placement

Placement of a tattoo is an important issue. So before getting a tattoo carefully choose your area. Learn more

yin yang dragon tattoo

yin yang dragon tattoo

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yin yang dragon tattoo

As a final point, I like to advise you to take time to select the designs of your yin yang dragon tattoo. Remember that it will be your permanent tattoo. Make sure that you choose the right tattoo artist who has enough experience in tattoo art.  To get a list of world best tattoo artist and best tattoo shop please check out other articles in the links below –

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