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What Tattoo Should I Get? 10+ Different Ways to Pick Your Next Tattoo

by Tattoo Shoo

If you never set foot in a tattoo shop before, you must have this question in your mind that? It can feel like a menacing task to commit to one image that will be permanent. There have too many choices as options for your 1st tattoo. Here we discuss different ways that can help you to pick up the right answer about what tattoo should I get?

what tattoo should I get
what tattoo should I get

What Tattoo Should I Get?

However, in the field of the tattoo industry, many new techniques and possibilities are available, because more than thousands of tattoo artists are involved in this field, so you will definitely find out the correct answer of what tattoo should I get. Under those circumstances, there are limitless options are available, which ultimately make it very hard for people to choose a single artwork for their permanent tattoo.

But, by keeping an open mind with some opinionated taste, careful thought, and brainstorming you will definitely find something that you enjoy wearing and will be proud to be the owner of that tattoo image.


What Tattoo Should I Get for My First One?

Are you feeling indecisive and have no clue where to start? Don’t worry we have got you covered. Here you can find different ink options to consider, which are given below.

First of all, I would like to say it is not a very good idea to copy the tattoo of someone’s that you found in a magazine and the internet. You can take those tattoos as an example of what you usually like to have. However, a tattoo artist may better understand an image example of your taste than your words.

what tattoo should I get
what tattoo should I get

Ways to Pick Your Next Tattoo

In general, for some people, it is easier to decide what to get as their tattoo designs but the same things may difficult for others. Here we give 5 tips to pick your next tattoo. Hopefully, these 5 tips will make it easier for you to pick up your desire tattoo designs.

  1. Pick a Spot

1st of all it is very important to select the exact place of your body to get your tattoo. Because it will help your tattoo artist to make a perfect design that will fit that place.

what tattoo should I get
what tattoo should I get
  1. Pick a Design

Always try to pick designs that have a strong meaning, because it will increase your personality to other people. Because a tattoo is a great option to expose your inner personality and taste.

  1. Pick a style

Style is an important factor in a tattoo. So, try to select a trending style or it could be the style you always want to have.

what tattoo should I get
what tattoo should I get
  1. Pick an artist

Select a tattoo artist whose artwork you really like the most and you should allow them the freedom they actually need to do some designs as you like. Try to find an artist who is specialized in the style of work that you want and don’t forget to ask them for basic suggestions.

what tattoo should I get
  1. Pick a Theme

Pick a theme that you really like the most and that also represents your personality very well.


Even though, if you describe them what in their portfolio you enjoyed the most that could help them to understand actually what style you are seeking.


How to Decide What Tattoo to Get?

Are you bother about how to choose the perfect tattoo for you? As a 1st tattoo holder, you can follow all of the following options to make your options easy to choose. Please have a look

  1. Significant date

The significant date could be an amazing tattoo option for you because they consider as a reminder of a significant moment in your life. It is not necessary that the significant date must be anything that traditionally grand. It could be the date of your birthday, engaged or married day, it also could be your 1st child’s birthday. It also could be the birthday of your favorite person and the date of your 1st time traveled.

However, tattooed your date with different fonts, styles,s, and characters.

Including with this Zodiac Symbols are one of the great options, especially for astrology-lovers.

  1. Portraits

You can also have a portrait tattoo. As this tattoo reminds us of someone we miss or love, it is considered a very meaningful tattoo. You can portrait the image of your favorite family member, the favorite person who inspires you, your favorite pet, etc.

  1. Quotes and Lyrics

There is no doubt that everyone has their favorite lyric, quote, and phrase. These are some of the good choices for tattooing. The most important fact about these options is that they are truly endless. These words also give you the freedom to choose from various sizes, fonts, and styles.

  1. Tattoo Magazine

For visual inspiration tattoo magazines are a great source. You can have great ideas about different trending tattoo designs from tattoo magazines.

  1. Significant Name

This is one of the great choices if you really want to remember the name of a particular person who is very important to you. This name could be your life partner, father, mother, and all other family members’ name to whom you attached emotionally. On the other hand, you could also have the name of a person who likes any writer, artist, scientist, a great personality who works really inspire you a lot.

  1. Art Section at Local Library

To make your tattoo designs unique and meaningful art section at your local library would be a great source of tattoo ideas. You may look at books on stained glass, abstract painting, photography, and other designs books may help you to narrow down the style that you like. Always try to keep designs that are attractive to the eye and you find them beautiful.

  1. Religious

If you are a religious person you can have a tattoo based on religious faith information or portrait or sign.


Are you still lost for Ideas about what tattoo should I get? No worries. Take your time in contact with an artist who will want to work with you. Fixed a date to meet with them and revealed your personal details like what you like or not. This information will helps your tattoo artist to create the best tattoo that will perfectly suit you. They could also suggest different options that will perfectly fit your desire size and placement. But, before committing you should make sure that the suggested tattoo designs of your tattoo artist really fit your body. If you want a very meaningful tattoo it would be better to take time to commit to a design. Because you should keep in mind that it would be your permanent until you go with tattoo removal.


Important Factors should consider before Doing Tattoo

  1. Always commit to a tattoo design that fits the form and flow of the body parts it is being applied to. For example – Harsh geometric design does not work in most parts of the body, because by the movement they are distorted. So, before getting a tattoo be sure to discuss every little point of tattoo designs with your tattoo artist.
  2. Be careful about the intricacy level that you are actually seeking. Because the body skin of the individual is different. It’s not like paper. The designs that work well on a small scale of paper will smudge over time when applied to the skin. Usually, cells of the skin shift migrate position over time, and cells also taking ink along with them.
  3. Although, your opinions may change as time passes your aesthetic taste will not change probably. So, it will be a great idea to bring a sketch of the all options that you want for your tattoo designs to your tattoo artist. In that case, they can modify your designs before they work on your skin.
what tattoo should I get
what tattoo should I get

What Tattoo Should I Get Based on My Personality Quiz?

Not every tattoo design is meaningful. Some tattoo has a deep meaning, some have simple meaning and some have no meaning rather than its beauty and style. Remember, the tattoo is the design that basically represents your thought, taste, and choice to other people. However, the tattoo would be your identification for a long time. So, before select your design try to find out your basic factors that represent your personality. For this, you can ask frequently questions on you. For example –

  • What do I like the most?
  • Why do I like it?
  • What do I want to achieve in the next 5 years?
  • What things motivate me strongly? Etc.


What Tattoo Should I Get Based on My Zodiac Sign?

If you like to be guided by astrology, you can have a tattoo according to your sign. It would be a great idea to discuss with your tattoo artist about your sign. They could give a great design idea according to your My Zodiac Sign.


Final Word

To sum up I would like to say that always keep in your mind that you are going to have your tattoo for a lifetime, so don’t forget to choose designs wisely. Hopefully, if you follow all of our instructions that are discussed above, you will definitely get a good design idea that may have more meaning and significance later. And you will be definitely happy whenever you look at your tattoo. Maybe you get a perfect answer about what tattoo should I get? Please leave a comment in the comment section below for further information. You can also share your suggestion that we don’t mention in this article. We will try to add your suggestion in this article.

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