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What Does Lion with Crown Tattoo Mean?

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What does lion with crown tattoo mean? This is one of the more popular style of  tattoo symbols you will see, but why are people getting it and what is the rationale behind the ink? Simplistically the Lion signifies strength, because the lion is considered the King of the jungle. In Ancient Egypt the lion was a particularly important symbol, something which has spread throughout the world. Even countries such as England which don’t have the animal featuring the lion on their coat of arms. The three lions coat of arms being a particularly popular tattoo among soccer fans.

What Can a Lion Tattoos Symbolize?

  • Courage
  • Strength
  • Love
  • Protection of family 
  • Guardianship
  • Wisdom
  • Wealth
  • Transformation from childhood to adulthood

Lion tattoo as part of religion

Lion tattoos have long been associated with Christianity,  with the lion symbolizing Christian beliefs. Being lionhearted going back to the days of the crusades and lions playing a huge symbolic role in Christendom since. These have some roots in Christianity’s relationship with Ancient Rome, but the symbolism holds true today.

For Muslims the Lion with and the Sword representing power. In many cultures and beliefs the Lion represent the Sun, people feeling that the main look like the rays of the sun, with many lion tattoos, particularly when combined with the Leo zodiac sign incorporating the sun.

The Lion with crown tattoo and Ancient Cultures

As stated the lion is an extremely important symbol from ancient Egyptian culture. In this context it symbolizes the time when the sun does not go back into the sky. This means that when the sun does rise the lion represents the sun giving the power to the people. Egyptians would decorate their homes with Lions as a symbol of power, being always near their heart as well as denoting their warrior status. 

Someone getting a lion tattoo with a crown on his arm, back, or torso wants to portray that he is a warrior has great power. There are other reasons related to ancient beliefs that give the lion with a crown tattoo meaning too. It is also believed that the lion helps ward off evil spirits. And of course the lion has always represented strength and masculinity, therefore the lion with a crown thus amplifies your masculinity and strength.

The Lion Tattoo as a symbol of wealth

In modern times lions also signify fashion and indeed wealth, which is part of the reason you see rich people with them. Lions convey strength, fear and wealth.  If the lion tattoo is used to signify wealth, then the lion with a crown meaning can imply the ultimate wealth.

The lion is also simply considered a beautiful creature and this is why many people decide to get lion tattoos. The animal also has some diversity to it, so can be depicted in full, as a face, naturally, or full sexy Aslan style lion ink. Remember Aslan? The Lion is sexy.

Lion with crown tattoo meaning

The lion by itself as a tat has multiple meanings, or interpretations, so putting a crown on the lion can also have different interpretations, but in simple terms by adding a crown to your lion tattoo you are elevating the status of your lion be it through the wealth,  masculinity, or strength that you are trying to portray.

By putting a crown on the king of the jungle you are inferring not just the king, but the King of Kings.

Lion with crown tattoo – what’s the meaning of the crown?

We’ve covered the multiple different interpretations of a lion tattoo, but what exactly does a lion with a crown tattoo mean, or represent? As stated quite simply it can just mean King of Kings, but the Crown also has multiple interpretations. The crown as a logo can symbolize love, protection, wealth, family, or as simply a way you wish to live your life. Putting the crown on the lion is therefore like amplifying  the meaning you put on the lion in the first place.

What does the lion with crown tattoo mean – different designs

Most of the lion with the crown tattoos tend to be simple designs that involve a black designs, such as dots, squares, or colors added particularly for the main, or the crown itself.

Adding colors of course adds time and expense, but for many putting some color to the ink can give it a more exiting look. You can see from the different designs that there is a great variation from the solid black tattoos to those that get more detailed and colorful. 

Those that wish to portray strength and masculinity rather than other meanings such as wealth might want to check foot tattoo, or lower leg designs. You can see from the various designs we have provided what what an array of different interpretations there can be with it comes to what does a lion with a crown tattoo mean.

As with any tattoo the design and meaning can be influences by many things depending on your own interpretation.

What does lion with crown tattoo mean? It can be interpolated any way you wish it to.

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