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TUMMY TUCK TATTOO – What Factors Should Take into Consideration?

by Tattoo Shoo

Are you considering having a tummy tuck tattoo? Do you want to cover up your scar with a tummy tuck scar tattoo? Is it the right choice for you to have a tattoo over tummy tuck scar? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to clear all of this question answer that will help you a lot to take a perfect decision for your tummy tuck tattoo. Please, continue your reading.

Tummy Tuck Tattoo

Before having a tummy tuck tattoo you must have a clear idea about all of the following information. Read carefully each and every line.

What does tummy tuck do?

Basically, tummy tuck surgery is done to removed excess skin and excess body fat. This whole process is also known as abdominoplasty. Actually, in most cases through tummy tuck surgery separated and weakened muscles creating an abdominal profile that is firmer and smoother.

How long after a tummy tuck can I get a tattoo?

After tummy tuck surgery, maximum people have this question in their mind. Don’t worry here I am going to clear this one. Although tattoos are one of the best options to cover up tummy scar, surgeons usually recommend waiting at least 6 months before getting any tattoo. Because this will helps your tattoo to heal perfectly.

Does tummy tattoo hurt?

Generally, scar tissue is different from the tissue of regular skin. Moreover, damaged skin cannot hold tattoo ink like undamaged skin. Usually, a tattoo on the stomach is more painful compare to other parts of the body.

Tummy Tuck Scar Tattoo Design

What is a tummy tuck scar? Actually, tummy tuck scars are located in one area or more of these areas. Regardless of whether you had a small or large tummy tuck, you may have a scar that runs horizontally across your bottom abdomen from hip to hip. In length, the horizontal scar may vary in length.

Can you get a tattoo over a tummy tuck scar?

Yes, you can get a tattoo over your tummy tuck scar. But, to get the best result, you should maintain a reasonable time frame after your surgery. This timeframe will also help you to fade your tummy tuck scare. However, after 6 to 8 months of surgery, it will be perfectly safe for you to have any permanent tattoo or temporary tummy tuck tattoos.

How do you get rid of tummy tuck scars?

  1. Avoid intimacy at least 3 weeks after surgery.
  2. Apply vitamin E, it will help to fade your tummy scar
  3. Use sunscreen on the scar at least for one year.

Important Factors Should Take into Consideration

  1. Incision Placement Matters

Before surgery, you should get the suggestion of your doctor to select the best place for your incision. It must be as short as possible and the incision line must be remain covered by a cloth.

For example – if your scar line selects below the bikini line so that your tummy scar will not be visible.

  1. Incision Completely Healed

Your scar will be fade as your incision completely healed. To mature your scar it will take almost one year. So it will be the best idea to wait at least 1 year before having any tattoo. Because this will helps you to see the terminating result of the whole procedure and you can choose a perfect tattoo design for your scar.

  1. Risk of Infection

There is always has some risk of infection with a tattoo. You should consult with your doctor if you have any doubts about whether your tattoo healed entirely or partially. Your doctor can ensure you whether you pass the risk of complications or not.

  1. Is your scar tissue smooth?

If you have any family history of keloid scars then I like to suggest you reconsider your tummy tuck tattoo plan, because a tattoo on raised scar tissue can increase the risk of keloid scarring. So, it will best to discuss with your surgeon before the plane for having a tummy tuck scar tattoo.

  1. Consult with an experienced tattoo artist

If you have not any family history of keloid scars then you must consult with a tattoo artist who is experienced in tummy tuck tattoos. Because an experienced tattoo artist can help you a lot to select a suitable design that has a perfect length in the position of the tummy scar to transform your scar into something you will find beautiful.

Things must avoid preventing the damage of your tattoo
  1. Don’t scratch, slap, pick, peel irritate or rub your tattoo
  2. Avoid shower, soaking, swimming for a couple of days.
  3. At least for 2 to 3 weeks don’t expose your tattoo in front of sunlight.
  4. Wash your gym equipment before using them.
  5. Don’t use Vaseline on your tattoo place, because using Vaseline air cannot enter into the areas of your tattoo. Therefore tattoo area cannot receive adequate oxygen, which may cause tattoo infection and which could delay the time of the tattoo healing process. Vaseline is only useful during having a shower with a tattoo because at that time it helps to protect your tattoo from the water.

What lotion is useful for a new tattoo?

Tattoo aftercare products are very useful for healing tattoo completely. Every person’s skin is different. The natural aftercare process of tattoo become more popular day by day. At the time of the initial tattoo healing process, cocoa butter will be a great choice. These products also may cause irritation to a tattoo place, because each person has different skin types.

So, initially, it would be the best option to use tattoo aftercare lotion. And you could use coconut oil after your tattoo begins to scab.

Especially, people like to use that lotion which is fragrance-free and which made without harmful irritants such as alcohol or dyes. People also avoid lotion with a petroleum base. Here we list the name of the best tattoo aftercare lotion/ best cream for tattoo aftercare.

How can you make your tattoo heal faster?

After completing the whole process of your tattooing, you may have one question in your mind that how long do tattoos take to heal? Actually, the time of the tattoo healing process depends on how well you care about your new tattoo. But, in general, 6 months is essential to complete the healing process. You can also use tattoo healing cream to heal your tattoo easily, in this 6 month. If you properly care about your tattoo, your tattoo will be healed fully within 4 to 6 weeks. To make your tattoo heal faster you should learn every step of the tattoo healing process. Readout this topic on How to minimize the time of tattoo healing?

Tummy Tuck Tattoo Designs

However, after confirming that you have not any risk factor for having a tummy tuck tattoo you may get tummy tuck tattoo ideas that will fit for your scar and that tattoo will make your tummy more gorgeous. Please take a view in the following tummy tuck scar tattoo designs to have some tummy tuck scar tattoo ideas that will suit you most.

  • Butterfly Tummy Tuck Tattoo
  • Sexy Tummy Tuck Tattoos
  • Beautiful Tummy Tuck Tattoos
  • Belly Button Tattoo after Tummy Tuck

Advantage and Disadvantage of having a tattoo

Everything has two sides, similarly having a tattoo also have some advantage and disadvantage. The details are discussed here.


Hopefully, our article will help you a lot to take a perfect decision for your tummy tuck tattoo. Don’t worry tummy tattoo also can easily remove completely. If you have a plane to remove a tattoo in the future then before having a tattoo you must confirm that your tummy scar is healed completely, otherwise, there will be a high risk of having tattoo infection and that could hamper your tattoo removing process. Good luck with the whole process.

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