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150+ Charming Tribal Tattoo Designs for 2021

by Tattoo Shoo

Do you want to customize your body art? If your answer is yes, then tribal tattoo would be the best options for you. Here you can find lots of tribal tattoo designs, which are available for you.


All about tribal tattoo designs

Actually, tribal tattoo used to form different religion, ranks, and spirituality. It is also given to a soldier in definite tribes for strength, courage, and bravery.

You can combine any tribal tattoo designs with other tattoo designs to make your tattoo attractive or unique. This tattoo also looks very well with different symbols, for example – zodiac symbols.

tribal tattoo designs

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Tribal tattoos meaning strength

Basically, tribal designs arise from ancient times, which had a strong meaning.

The meaning of tribal tattoo depends on its designs and culture because according to culture different designs stand for various meaning. If you truly want to know the actual meaning of the tribal tattoo, then you must ask tattoo designers.

This tattoo also has some spiritual meaning, as like in few culture traditional tribal tattoos used as a protection against evil forces. There also have some modern/latest tribal tattoos which have deep meaning for both the designer and owner.

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The popularity of tribal tattoo designs

Nowadays this tattoo become popular among people who love tattoo and the reasons behind this popularity are given below.

Wearer’s identity and passions are defined by the symbol of a tribal tattoo.

This tattoo gives the sense that each person has the basic tribal that they need to belong.

It helps to express people’s personal freedom and uniqueness.

This tattoo makes a connection to mystic, ancient and mysterious activity.

It also popular for its easy love of art

Now you may realize that it is your good decision to have this tattoo on your body. But before getting this tattoo you should make sure that you select a certified tattooist’s parlor.

tribal tattoo designs

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Kind of tattoos/ Types of tribal tattoo designs

The category of this type of tattoos is quite indefinite. Especially, it has very rich, expressive, ferocious and passionate designs with different meanings, which are given below.

Aztec tribal tattoos

If you are looking for some stunning and unique designs, then Aztec tribal tattoo would be your great choice. Actually, in the period of 13th16th century, these types of tribal tattoo inhabited Mexico. You can use geometric patterns to make them eye-catching designs.

tribal tattoo designs

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African tribal tattoos

In our modern world of today’s, you may find various types of African tribal tattoos. Generally, this tattoo is very common in the culture of western. Do you know the meaning behind African tribal tattoo?

tribal tattoo designs


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Actually, African tribal tattoos meanings are originated from the culture of Africa. In the year of 1994 BC, the first African tattoo was found. And it was found on the mummy. Some were love to have this tattoo as a protector against all harm of their life. But today’s generation loves to have this tattoo just for decoration of their body. They just tattooed their body to express their personality.

tribal tattoo designs

The designs of this tattoo are attractive, which you could be placed anywhere of your body. This tattoo may create a different unique look by depending on the types of your skin. Both male and female love to wear this tattoo. You may choose your best designs from its available designs.

However, you should select a body place for your designs to look great, but your gender should keep in your mind. Actually, boys like to get this tattoo on their upper back, on the other hand, girls like to have this tattoo in both lower and upper back. You can also set your tattoo on your arms, fingers, leg, ankles, feet, etc.


Borneo tribal tattoos

Especially the Borneo tribal tattoo mainly focus on different natural designs as like fruits, trees, animal, leaves, etc. In Borneo, both women and men love to have a tribal tattoo with various meaning.

For instance, this tattoo symbolizes marital status, fertility, skills, and professions for women. On the other hand young boys get their very first tattoo to symbolize the start of their manhood.

tribal tattoo designs

Actually, this tattoo also uses to symbolize one’s life history, protection by a god.


Celtic tribal tattoo

The main history of this tattoo actually begins with Celtic warriors. Who use a tattoo to mark their passion to their body and they also used tattoo as a means of terrifying their enemies. They mainly use Woad plant to make a tattoo on their body.

tribal tattoo designs

tribal tattoo designs

Mario tribal tattoos

This tattoo generally shows a strong link to the community of Mario. However, Maoris was the community who are staunchly proud people, who love to take their culture seriously. These tattoos are seen around New Zealand and the world.

tribal tattoo designs

A large number of men preferred this tattoo, the popularity of this tattoo slowly gaining popularity among female as well.

Please check out few of the latest Maori tattoo designs below.

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Mayan tribal tattoo

This tattoo may use to symbolize life, birth dates, peoples personality types, and attitudes. Mayan tribal tattoo is not only popular to the people of aboriginal but also popular to the tattoo enthusiasts of modern days. One of the important secrets of Mayan tribes was their calendar, which was used for predictions.


Calendar tattoo is the most popular tattoo theme of Mayan. Which was form in a circle with symbols pictured around that tattoo?


Native American tribal tattoo

The main purpose of the Native American tribal tattoo is to express love towards the culture of the Native Americas. Actually, the culture of Native American is very spiritual and old one. The culture has various elements for tattooing, for example – reptiles, animals, tribal wear and birds. The dreamcatcher is one of the most popular tattoo designs of this culture.

tribal tattoo designs


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It is a very well known symbol, that people still love to use that symbol as a means of warding off evil spirits.

tribal tattoo designs

In our article, you definitely find some unique Native American tribal tattoo designs that will make you happy. Check out our list below.


Placement ideas for tribal tattoos

Here we discussed some of the very common placement of tribal tattoos that you may like to take into account.

Tribal tattoos on the back

this is the actually perfect place for large size tattoo because the back part of our body has wide space. Which might be perfect for a big tattoo and more comfortable body part for tattoo artists.

tribal tattoo designs

Tribal tattoo arm/ Tribal tattoo forearm

your arm would be a good choice for Aztec art because arms are elongated in size.

tribal tattoo designs

Leg tribal tattoo

If you like to have a tattoo on your elongated body area but don’t want it on your arm then the leg is the best options for you. The tribal tattoo will look attractive in this place.

tribal tattoo designs

Tribal tattoo on chest

the chest is the best options for man. Men who love Aztec art might select the chest to have this tattoo. And their tattoo will only visible when they become topless.

tribal tattoo designs

Tribal tattoo shoulders

tribal tattoo designs

shoulders are also the best options for men to have their tattoo. But sometimes women also love to have a tattoo on shoulders.

Tribal tattoo on thigh

You may choose your thigh to have your tribal tattoo, it is one of the best places.

tribal tattoo designs

tribal tattoo designs

Tribal tattoo on hand

tribal tattoo designs

Tribal tattoos sleeve

tribal tattoo designs

Tattoo designs gallery

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Hopefully, among all of our above tribal tattoo designs, you might be getting the idea about your own design.

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mario-tribal-tattoo-for-women-1 mario-tribal-tattoo-for-women-2 mario-tribal-tattoo-for-women-3

mayan-tribal-tattoo-1 mayan-tribal-tattoo-2 mayan-tribal-tattoo-3

mayan-tribal-tattoo-4 mayan-tribal-tattoo-5 mayan-tribal-tattoo-6

mayan-tribal-tattoo-7 native-american-tribal-tattoo-1 native-american-tribal-tattoo-2

native-american-tribal-tattoo-3 native-american-tribal-tattoo-4 native-american-tribal-tattoo-5

native-american-tribal-tattoo-6 native-american-tribal-tattoo-7 native-american-tribal-tattoo-designs-1

native-american-tribal-tattoo-designs-2 native-american-tribal-tattoo-designs-3 native-american-tribal-tattoo-designs-4

native-american-tribal-tattoo-designs-5 native-american-tribal-tattoo-designs-6 native-american-tribal-tattoo-for-women-1

native-american-tribal-tattoo-for-women-2 native-american-tribal-tattoo-for-women-3 native-american-tribal-tattoo-for-women-4

native-american-tribal-tattoo-for-women-5 native-american-tribal-tattoo-for-women-6 native-american-tribal-tattoo-for-women-7

native-american-tribal-tattoo-for-women-8 shoulder-tribal-tattoo tribal-designs

tribal-tattoo-designs tribal-tattoo-designs-2 Tribal-tattoo-designs-idea

Tribal-tattoo-on-hand-1 Tribal-tattoo-on-hand-2 Tribal-tattoo-on-thigh-1

Tribal-tattoo-on-thigh-2 trival-tattoo-on-chest-copy trival-tattoos-sleeve-copy

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