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80+ Tribal Dragon Tattoo – Charming Designs with Meaning 2021

by Tattoo Shoo

Do you like tribal dragon tattoo? Why not? This tattoo is one of the popular tattoo art that anybody wants to consider these tattoo designs. In this article, we are going to discuss tribal dragon tattoo and tribal dragon tattoo meaning.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo

However, a tribal tattoo is a great piece of art that was established a hundred years ago. On the other hand dragon tattoo is one of the common tattoo designs that are popular in different tattoo cultures. Although, dragon tattoo meaning very culture wise people like to have a dragon tattoo on their body.

tribal dragon tattoo


Basically, for 1000 years Dragon was a part of Eastern civilization. Different cultures like Japan, China, Vietnam, and many other cultures thought highly of the dragon. All of this culture believed that a dragon is one type of noble creatures that held distinct special powers and honors.

tribal dragon tattoo

However, among many dragons Japanese and Chinese dragons are the most popular for tattoo images.

Chinese dragon tattoo symbolizes goodwill, wisdom, good luck, and good omen, on the other hand, the Japanese Dragon Tattoo symbolizes the balance of people’s life. Japanese peoples also believed that this tattoo represents the balance of life as yin and yang do.

From 1000 years ago, tribal dragon tattoo became an ancient practice in tribal art. But still, now this tattoo basically represents the attributes and traits of a dragon. Almost 1000 years ago this tattoo was 1st originated in Africa, the Pacific, Europe, and Asia.

One of the great sides of this tattoo is that both males and females can wear this tattoo.

Through the year this tribal dragon tattoo becomes more popular among people.

tribal dragon tattoo

Tribal Dragon Designs

Although this tattoo is done only in tribal art, you can be done these designs with some other different ways. For example, you can design a dragon with portray, wings, and without wings and you can also portray your tribal dragon designs with smoke and flames. This way can easily make unique tattoo designs.

Color of Tribal Dragon Tattoos

Usually, black is the common color of this tattoo. But that does not mean that you also need to have a black tribal dragon tattoo. You can add any color in your tattoo designs otherwise you can also go with the traditional black color of this tattoo. Most importantly this tattoo looks great at any color. So, don’t bother about it looks just select a color that really you want as your tattoo color.

Placement Ideas of This Tattoo

You can place this tattoo at a different place in your body where you feel more comfortable. From leg, hand, back, arm, belly, neck to some other place where you like to have this tattoo. But this tattoo will look great in a back, thigh, belly, ankle, and hand on the other hand for male it will look great at back, chest, hand, and arm, etc.

Size of Tribal Dragon Tattoo

People like to have this tattoo in different sizes. You can choose a small ankle to a large chest or back tattoo. However, a large tattoo is perfect for man and the small one is perfect for women.

What does Tribal Dragon Tattoo Mean?

Especially for women, this tattoo represents the following meaning

  • Creator
  • Strength
  • Protection

tribal dragon tattoo

Most importantly this tattoo means creator for a female because it is believed that women are the person who actually creates life by giving birth.

tribal dragon tattoo

tribal dragon tattoo

On the other hand, for a man, it represents the following meaning

  • Power
  • Special strength
  • Honor
  • Wisdom

Although it is believed by the culture of Asian that dragon was powerful and noble, it is not true for European culture they believed the complete opposite of Asian culture. Basically People of European culture consider the dragon tattoo as a dangerous and evil creature. Actually, European people believed that a dragon had bad actions and thoughts that bring bad omen.

tribal dragon tattoo

Important Things to Remember Before Getting a Tattoo

After all, tattooing is a lifetime body design, you have to carry out your tattoo forever.

So, before you decide to have any tattoo on your body, you have to remember all of the following important things.

  • Your pain tolerance capability
  • Your body condition, for example, skin allergies, rashes, etc.
  • Select the place of your body for your new tattoo
  • Select an expert tattoo artist
  • Check tattoo artist credibility and portfolio
  • Discuss the cost of your full session with your artist
  • Get information about the sanitation of tattoo shop and their tattoo equipment
  • Learn about perfect tattoo aftercare instructions


Hopefully, this article helps you a lot to get enough information about tribal dragon tattoo and their meaning.

Feel free to share your valuable opinion with us in the comment section below.

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