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What is a tramp stamp – 20 best lower back tattoos

by Tattoo Shoo

What is a tramp stamp? A tramps stamp is a derogatory phrase for a tattoo on the bottom, or lower back, the phrase is usually referred to for women,  but also men in a more ironic fashion.

We will delve into the origins of this somewhat archaic term in a bit, but essentially for men, or women your tramp stamp is on your lower back, bottom of the spine and just above your ass. A women’s full spine tattoo does not fit into the “tramp stamp” category.

What is a tramp stamp? Where does the term tramp stamp come from?

OK, so according  to “Urban Dictionary” the meaning is as follows;

“A tattoo above a woman’s ass crack.

Her pants were so low cut, you could see her tramp stamp.”

When did the term come into use? I personally got a tramp stamp in 2006 and no one called it a tramp stamp at the time, maybe because i’m a man, but also because it had not yet become a fashionable thing.

Essentially the meaning of tramp stamp implies a promiscuous girl, for apparently they like getting tattoos above their ass crack. When applied to a male it is holds more irony I guess, but regardless my tramp stamp, which is actually an anchor gets regularly pointed out.

What is the popularity of a tramp stamp?

Not everyone wants their tattoo on show at all times, so having one on the lower back means you can hide it when you are at the office, but show it off when you are at the beach.

For women it also sexy, it essentially draws attention to your ass, be it big, or small attention will be drawn by the tramp stamp. For men I guess it days the same, although you should be careful what you get – which I will get into later.

What is a tramp stamp – popular designs

What is a tramp stamp? If you’ve followed so far you will realize we do not really care for the term, or at least we have repatriated it! Yay us! As with any piece of ink the tramp stamp can be whatever fits you and the meaning you want. Barcodes with peoples date of birth on the lower back are particularly popular for example.

I’ve seen a straight guy with an anchor tattoo as a tramp stamp. Not perfect as it more looks like an arrow pointing to his ass…….

20 Best Lower Back Tattoo Designs/Best Tramp Stamp Ideas

We’ve put together our top 20 ideas for lower back/above ass/tramp stamp tattoos, but of course feel free to do your own thing. Own that tramp stamp baby!

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