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Best Spine Tattoos for Girls – 10 Awesome Designs

by Tattoo Shoo

What are the best spine tattoos for girls? Thankfully for us lovers of ink the tattoo taboo is much less than it used to be, particularly so when it comes to women with tats. I say this proudly as someone with a “tramp stamp” – my particular one is an anchor – long story for another time.

Spine tattoos

Spine tattoos have long been popular because of how they take up the whole of ones spine, which leaves lots of room for some serious artistic interpretation. Obviously men get spine tattoos, but spine tattoos for women are particularly popular for a number of reasons.

Spine tattoos for girls

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, but at TattooShoo we (I) feel that spine tattoos for girls and women are popular because they can make one of the sexiest parts of a woman, namely her back even sexier. Putting ink can draw wanted attention if you feel you have something to flaunt.

They can also serve another purpose though, particularly if you are less comfortable about your appearance. If you have scars, birth marks, or the odd imperfection in your own eyes, then the spine tattoo can be seen as drawing attention to your ink, rather than the bits you don’t like.

Spine tattoos for girls – cost and safety

Spine tattoos though are not in any way to be screwed around with. Spine tattoos cost more because you need a professional artist. You do not get a spine tattoo drunk – although technically you should never get any tattoo drunk, but hey it happens.

The reality is that if the artist screws up a needle in the wrong place could leave you paralyzed. No ink is worth that. If you’re a girl that wants a spine tattoo don’t bother if you cannot afford a good inker.

Do spine tattoos hurt?

Do spine tattoos hurt? We have said in previous articles that tattoos in general do not hurt, although a Filipino tribal tattoo is definitely an exception to this – at least if you do it the traditional way.

A back tattoo is another one of those exceptions, this is an important part of your body with some serious nerve endings – and of course the artist needs to take longer doing it. It’s not having a baby painful, but it is no walk in the park either.

Awesome spine tattoo for girls ideas

Much like any tattoo what you get depends on you. With women’s spine tattoos you can do whatever you like, but there are many popular styles, such as writing, tribal style stuff, or even Chinese calligraphy .

We’ve put together 10 ideas for girls who want spine tattoos, or at least ones the guys and girls of TattooShoo have taken a fancy to.

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