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61+ Lovely Small Heart Tattoos for 2021

by Tattoo Shoo

Are you want to customize your body with small heart tattoos? Here we are ready to help you by offering unique tattoo designs. Obviously, the tattoo is one type of lifetime commitment, so you definitely want to choose a tattoo which can represent your thought. If you like a small heart tattoo, then you can choose small simple heart tattoos. Because simplicity is the best beauty.

Basically, in this article, we have collected cute heart designs with all information for those people who don’t like big heart tattoos and who love small tattoo.

Small Heart Tattoos Meaning

Generally, heart-shaped is known as a universal sign of love. Actually, heart tattoos meaning not only represent love but also symbolizes adoration and passion towards a certain individual. Usually, people love to have a small heart tattoo as a sign of love for their beloved, family member and friends. People also want to get this tattoo with the paw print tattoo of their lovely pet.

small heart tattoos

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Meaningful Tattoo Ideas

History of Heart Tattoos Designs

Actually, across the world, heart tattoo symbolized love and passion. Almost 5 centuries ago the symbol of heart was replaced its predecessor. In general, this symbol is associated with, card suits, Valentine’s Day, cupid and almost everything’s which are romantic. Most importantly, to inspire you for your next visit to the tattoo parlor, in this article we provide almost 100+ heart tattoos which are small.

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Advantage and Disadvantage of having a tattoo

Everything has two sides, similarly having a tattoo also have some advantage and disadvantage. The details are discussed here.

The popularity of Small Heart Tattoo

Over the years the popularity of this heart tattoos increases among both women and men. Undoubtedly, small shaped heart tattoo looks cool and fabulous.

Love is one of the very common reasons for getting a heart tattoo. Basically, through this tattoo, you can represent your romance. Usually, as a proof of love couples like to get a matching heart tattoo.

Nowadays, tattoos are associated with attraction, fashion and feminine beauty.

People like small tattoos, because it is easy to place anywhere on their body.

The average cost of getting tattoos

Actually, the cost of a tattoo depends on different factors, to get a details idea about the cost of a tattoo visit here.

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Small Heart Tattoos Designs

Generally, there are a huge collection of these tattoo designs. Here we focus on a very popular tattoo of a small heart. But you can find almost all the designs at the end of our article. Usually, people like a colorful tattoo but black and white tattoo also liked by a huge percentage of people. Take a look at our collection.

Life Goes On Heart Tattoo

It has a very powerful meaning. This tattoo carries a full shape of the heart and on the other side, there has a semicolon. Usually, this semicolon represents awareness for depression and suicide prevention.

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Geometric Heart Tattoo

It would be one of the best design for your tattoo. You can place this tattoo on your sides, wrist, ankles, and shoulders. And to make your tattoo more unique you can easily place this tattoo on your finger.

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Paw Prints with Small Heart Tattoo

If your lovely pets have made a good impact on your life, to express your love towards that pet you can have paw print tattoo of that pets with your heart tattoo. You can also get paw print of your kids or nephew with the heart tattoo, to show love towards them.

Fingerprints on Heart Tattoo

If you want to show your love towards that person who has a good impact on your life then this tattoo would be the best option for you.

Heart tattoo with the music symbol

Obviously, it is a  unique tattoo design. You can get this tattoo on your finger, wrist where it will be completely visible. If you are a music lover, this tattoo is for you. It is a cool tattoo design.

Celtic Knot Hearts

Usually, in this tattoo artist replaced the loops with heart. And by doing this they try to create one king image for the wearer.

Infinite Heart

It is a tattoo which interwoven with the sign of infinity. Basically, this tattoo is popular for expressing the love which is everlasting.

Small matching heart tattoos

If you and your close one want to express your love to each other’s, then you can undoubtedly choose this tattoo. You can also have heart tattoos with names of each other.

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Preparation Tips for Getting a Tattoo

Try to avoid sunlight, because skin with sunburn become damaged.  and the damaged will increase if you get the tattoo on that damaged skin. Getting a tattoo is a lifetime investment, so you definitely make some important consideration before getting a tattoo. To learn about important consideration click here.

Is getting a tattoo painful?

Actually, the pain of having a tattoo depends on the tolerance level of each person, which is different for each person. If it is your first tattoo I would like to advise you to get a small simple tattoo at first. But if you really like a large tattoo then it will be better for you to check your pain tolerance level before having a tattoo.

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Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Click here to learn the details of tattoo aftercare guideline.  

Hopefully, you can choose your best designs of small heart tattoos from this article. Please feel free to share your opinion, question, and experience. Take a look at our small heart tattoo designs.

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