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100+ Best Skull Hand Tattoo for Men and Women – 2021

by Tattoo Shoo

Skull hand tattoo is one of the popular tattoos among the young generation. In the world of fashion, the tattoo is only body art that has the power to speak through different designs or art.

Without a doubt, it helps people to bring out their inner personality. By inking your body part with different patterns or designs, you would be able to alive anything whatever you think.

Skull Hand Tattoo

Through skull hand tattoo you also would be express whatever you want, because the hand is one of the best parts of your body.

Skull hand tattoo

It is always important for someone to choose a meaningful tattoo, which can express themselves perfectly. But as we are a human being, our choice change from time to time.

So there would nothing wrong if you choose a design just because that is cool, but don’t have special meaning. And you can do that without any hesitation because your tattoo will only represent you not somebody else. So it will be enough if you like it and feel better with that cool tattoo.

Skull hand tattoo

Someone like skull tattoo because it is cool, on the other hand for others this tattoo represents the connection with the death.

Skull tattoo does not always connect with bad, it also can be connected with good. Some peoples want to have skull tattoo to signify some special good things in their life.

However, the interesting fact about skull tattoos is that you can make your tattoo very creative with an expert tattoo artist. Your artists of best tattoo shop may use various color, symbols with it to create your tattoo attractively, unique and different.

Skull hand tattoo

You may use skull tattoo on a different part of your body. But among all body part skull tattoo on hand has huge popularity, now we are going to discuss everything about this tattoo.

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History of skull tattoo

In the old days, the skull escort by the crossbones, which used as a symbol to mark cemeteries. Firstly, this process was used in Spain and then it spread to other countries.

In the 18th century, German make some kickass uniforms for themselves which includes hats. And they do this to inspire fear and also to create an impression that they were at a higher level than others.

But today’s generation has no interest of knowing all of these meaning, they just want to get a skull tattoo on hand only because it is cool.


Another interesting fact is that skull tattoo designs have several unique meaning than what we usually first assume. Therefore this tattoo become popular day by day. You may have a question that what does a skull tattoo symbolize?

Actually people believe that skull tattoo symbolizes for death and morality, but in reality, it also symbolizes for other optimistic unique ideas, which are discussed below.

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What does a skull hand tattoo mean?

Every single have a different unique meaning. But the fact is that meaning does not always have to have real depth. The meaning of a tattoo could be as simple as a reminder something about pastor as an inside joke.

In this article, we try to explain some general meaning of different types of a skull tattoo. People often want to use the skull as a symbol of morality or death. But it may also use for different ideas like

Protecting valuables

Overcoming obstacles etc.

Meaning of skull tattoo actually depends on how the skull is used. For example, people think that human skull tattoo with a big eye represents death but it may make for a striking tattoo.

Someone also chooses these tattoo to express that they actually have no fear of death. And skull tattoo also used to symbolize that they accepted their own mortality.

It also used as a reminder that everybody will die for one time and they should always live their present-day to the fullest. It also represents the mean of anger.

Skull hand tattoo


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Hand tattoos are popular among different body parts tattoo. If you want to get the attention of other people and also want to present your hand with an attractive look, then skull tattoo would be the best option for you.

If you love tattoo and just thinking about getting a skull tattoo for hand, then you are in the right place. When it comes to skull tattoo designs, there exist several unique designs ideas.

Here we try to collect as many designs as we can for your hand tattoo, which may suit your personality, lifestyle and also inspire you.

Let’s take a look at our amazing hand tattoo ideas. Here you would find your tattoo that you would like to ink on your hand.

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Types of skull hand tattoo

Here we discussed different types of skull tattoo of hand, which are given below

Human skull tattoo

Usually, human skull tattoo represents the ugly beauty of our own anatomy a symbol of morality. One of the popular subjects of tattoo designs is a human skull and it also popular in optical illusions and painting. Skull is considered as a vessel of the spirit.

Animal skull tattoo

The animal tattoo is one of the great tattoos for tattoo enthusiasts. This tattoo as a specific meaning, because each animal carries something different. The animal tattoo is not gendered specific, both male and female can have this tattoo.

This tattoo tribute to the beauty of all living things. It is the symbol of both protection and strength. Many of us also believe that animal skull is a poignant reminder of our life and death.

Animal skull with bone-white bleakness and hollowed eyes may be disturbing for someone and where other people understand its natural beauty. You may have any type of animal skull tattoo like dog, cat, snake, monkey, bear, wolf, crocodile, etc. So carefully choose your one.

Most popular or loved animal tattoo

Dog tattoo

a tattoo of the dog represents the symbol of success and prosperity and also guardianship. If you have a dog you may also try for a paw print tattoo of your dog.

Skull hand tattoo

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Lion tattoo

Lion skull tattoo is the symbolic icon twist a complex tapestry of wisdom, death, and strength.

Skull hand tattoo

Cat tattoo

as a tattoo design cat skull symbolizes disease, death, and destruction.

Skull hand tattoo

Tiger tattoo

Tiger tattoo basically expresses strength and power. Moreover, it also expresses a free soul or independence and danger, punishment, vengeance, etc.

Skull hand tattoo

Snake skull tattoo

Grace and sensuousness, great and intelligence, protection, rebirth, protection, revenge, fertility, magic, defense and birth, all of these meaning are associated with the snake tattoo.

Skull hand tattoo

Monkey skull tattoo

Monkey is viewed as a protector and messenger of the gods. The meaning of monkey tattoo is different, such as fertility, harmony, justice, protection, intelligence, and spirituality.

Skull hand tattoo

Horse tattoo – express beauty and strength

Bear tattoo – express overbearing personality and immense strength

Butterfly skull tattoo

Basically, the butterfly is one of the best examples of natural beauty, butterfly tattoo represents freedom, faith, and transformation. It also connected with romantic love and femininity. A skull usually represents mortality on the other hand butterfly represent new life. And together these tattoos are symbolic the ties between life and death.

Skull hand tattoo

Birds skull tattoo

Peace, hope, prosperity, purity all of these meaning are represented by birds tattoo. And it also expresses the vitality, passion, and energy.

Skull hand tattoo

Fruits tattoo

Fruits tattoo may represent people’s light-hearted nature. It is the best item to welcome your guest at your home.

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Watermelon skull tattoo

If you want to express yourself as a more vigorous, fitter and vibrant person,

then you may try watermelon tattoo without any doubt.

Skull hand tattoo

Pineapple skull tattoo

Pineapple tattoo may use by those people who have a tough exterior.

Skull hand tattoo

Cherry skull tattoo

Cherry represents purity and feminine chastity.

It also uses to represent virtue, loss of innocence, not virgin, etc.

Skull hand tattoo

Mango skull tattoo

Mango is known as the king of fruits all over the world.

And mango tattoo represents fertility and love.

Skull hand tattoo

Dragon fruits skull tattoo

The tattoo of this fruits represents power, luck, and vitality.

Skull hand tattoo

Celebrities with a skull tattoo

In the west part of this world, over the last few years, a trend of having a tattoo has been emerging among many celebrities. Favorite celebrities like actors, musicians, player, wrestler, and model like to have a tattoo on their body. Here we give the picture of that celebrity who art their hand with a skull tattoo.

Skull hand tattoo

Skull hand tattoo

Skull hand tattoo

Skull hand tattoo

Skull hand tattoo

Skull hand tattoo

Although you may choose the best tattoo from our collection, to keep your tattoo healthy and fresh you should know important two things, that is

How to take care of a tattoo?

How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

Some Amazing Skull Hand Tattoo

Hopefully, from our article, you could find your best skull hand tattoo designs, which may perfectly express your personality or inner thinking.

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