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200+ Sacred Heart Tattoo Designs for Men and Women (Update 2021)

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Sacred heart image is known as one of the popular iconic images of Christianity. If you are a religious follower’s person then you can choose to have the sacred heart tattoo affixed to your body. This tattoo will helps you to remind the importance of this image.

sacred heart tattoo

Sacred Heart Tattoo Meanings

Most importantly, sacred heart images represent the undying love of Jesus Christ for the world mankind, which is actually circulated for whole generations.

Basically, the heart of the sacred tattoo is the sacred heart of Jesus. The fire of the sacred heart of Jesus tattoo represent Jesus divine love and its transforming power and the cross usually stand for the crucifixion of Jesus as do the thorns.

Usually, the heart tattoo of sacred also represents the wearer’s devotion to Jesus and to the church.

sacred heart tattoo
women sacred heart tattoo

Generally, sacred heart tattoos are full meaning of symbolism, spiritually and promises of Jesus Christ. Actually, some of Jesus promises include wearing of sacred heart images, that’s why sacred heart tattoos become so popular among the people who love to follow religiously.

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History of Sacred Heart Tattoos

Basically, the origin of this sacred heart tattoos begins between 1673 to 1675 at the end of the 17th century. Usually, at Paris in the 17th century, the use of the sacred heart of Jesus originated. Jesus urged Margaret Mary to assign herself in the heart of Christ. And Jesus suggests this in a vision to a young nun. According to the advice of Jesus Mary consign her whole life for all mankind.

So this tattoo could be a well-recognized symbol to show your respect towards your religious.

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Sacred Heart Tattoos Designs

If you want to show your faith sacred heart tattoos would be the best option for you. You may choose one from different tattoo designs of this tattoo. The common things of this tattoo are that a heart of some sort place at the center of this tattoo piece and a secondary image of this tattoo actually complements that heart with a Christ theme. The secondary image for this tattoo might be a halo, an angel, a cross or something else which can express the idea of Christ.

Some image of this tattoo also includes thorns wrapping around the heart, which adorned with a crown of some sort. In general, the designs of this tattoo are common for tattooist. They also prefer the image with a bit more flash than the dullest version of the image. If it is necessary then your tattoo artists can create the designs from scratch.

You can find different unique variations for this tattoo theme, but the central meaning of this tattoo would remain the same for all pattern.

Here we collect the best impressive sacred heart tattoos in our tattoo gallery.

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The Coloring of The Tattoo of Sacred Heart 

This tattoo looked so amazing in color ink. You can use red color for the heart and in the center, you may apply a golden glow. If you choose full Miraculous Medal, then your design possibilities will have more options. Actually, the color of the stars of these designs represent the promises, so you can apply different color for each of the stars.

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Meaningful Tattoo Ideas

Placement Ideas for This Tattoos

Usually, this tattoo will require medium to small amount of place of your skin. But the better place would be where your tattoo will visible clearly, which could be your back, neck, chest, hand, wrist, leg, forearm etc.

Maintenance Tips for Tattoos

After having a perfect tattoo you need to know everything about a tattoo aftercare guideline because perfect tattoo care can ensure your perfect tattoo healing process. As the tattoo is a lifetime investment before having a tattoo learn details about the tattoo healing process.

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sacred heart tattoo
sacred heart tattoo designs

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Advantage and Disadvantage of  Tattoos

As for tattooing needle is used to insert ink to your skin layer, the whole process is quite painful. Not only each person skin type is different but also the pain tolerance level of each person also different. Tattoo ink is not suitable for all type of skin.  So it would be better for you to learn the details of the advantage and disadvantage of having a tattoo before getting your tattoo. 

Sacred Heart Tattoos for Men 

Here we collect amazing unique tattoo designs for men. This tattoo would be a great option for men because they can easily place this tattoo on their body. Take a look at our collection.


Sacred Heart Tattoos for Women 

Usually, women love to get a simple gorgeous tattoo, but if you are women and love to follow religiously it can be your best choice for your next tattoo.


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