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Rolex Tattoos Meanings and Designs

by Tattoo Shoo

What are the best Rolex tattoos meaning and designs? Some might say that nothing says class, or indeed wealth than having a Rolex, others might think they are rather gaudy and trying too much, but whatever your take on it, why would you get a Rolex tattoo, rather than say a tribal tattoo

Why Rolex tattoos for men?

There’s obviously no one size fits all here, but if you see yourself as a gentleman with some class then the Rolex tattoo might be for you. Guys like watches, so if you are going to have watch inked on your wrist why not have the best of the best?

There are though tons of different designs, with people incorporating names, or evens ports teams into it. Having a Rolex tattoo is obviously cheaper than buying a rolex, so there is to many at least also a sense of irony to it. This means you can get creative with your ink.

Why Rolex tattoos for women?

Pretty much the same as for men, but there are obviously watches made for women made by rolex, which gives more examples and choices for women. Again it can be worn as a sign of class, to show wealth,

Rolex tattoos for women can be just as intricate as mens ones, but also offer a bunch more smaller and dare we say classier options too.

Rolex tattoos meanings and designs

Rolex tattoos can have multiple meanings for different people. It can be seen as like a gem case, with you putting a person, sports team, or whatever tickles your fancy as the face. The Rolex element is then literally what surrounds it.

Rolex tattoos meanings can also follow general watch tattoo meanings. When someone gets a watch or timepiece put on them you can have it set at one particularly moment in time, something that means something big to you, be it new life, or death, the time is etched into you.

Watch crown tattoos are also a newer and more funky take on the whole genre and as we have covered before the crown has simple meaning, to be the king. Much like a lion with a crown, a Rolex with a crown is amplifying your status and wealth.

Cost of Rolex Tattoos vs cost of a Rolex

The cost of a Rolex tattoo depends on many factors, where are you getting it and how big is it? A simple watch tattoo might cost you $20 in Asia, with $100 being bare minimum if you are are in the States. This though implies a simple design, but if you are getting a Rolex in black and white then you have really missed the memo a bit. Do not get a black and white Rolex tattoo unless you are trying to be ultra-ironic.

How colorful you want it, whether it has a picture in it, or whatever will all factor in, but don’t expect to drop less than $200-250 if you want something classy that will stand out, again even more if you want some real killer ink.

Oh and for context even the cheapest rolex is around $7000, so if you end up spending thousands on your tat, maybe consider just getting the watch.

You can check out out the Rolex site here.

Best rolex tattoo designs

We’ve put together a photo list of the best rolex tattoo designs, at least in our opinion. We’ve covered the more simple ones, including black and white, as well as ones for women.

Again these are just as a guide and you can adapt them as you see fit, particularly if you have a good tattoo artist. These at least though represent the best Rolex tattoos meanings and designs in the opinion of TattooShoo!

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