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70+ Top Phenomenal Praying Hands Tattoo for 2021

by Tattoo Shoo

In our era of urbanization and collapses, praying hands tattoo become so popular. The reason behind this popularity is that it is an ideal symbol of religious and it has also outstanding meaning. Before getting praying hand tattoo, you should keep in mind that this art will be with you for the rest of your life. So, find a pray tattoo which has special meaning. Actually pray is the way of the connection between God and human being and praying hand is one types of visualization of the prayer. In this way, any people can talk with God and they also ask for help or any advice.

praying hands tattoo

History of pray hand tattoo

Basically, the history of this tattoo comes from a German story. And which is the story of 18 years old artists, whose name is Albrecht Daurer In the 15th century he has painted the pray tattoo for the mayor of Frankfort as a gift for him. The mayor was so pleased with that painting and he considered that painting as the magnificent piece. After receiving that painting mayor was commissioned that painting in 1508 and it got huge popularity at that time. But in 1729 the original painting was destroyed by fire.


However, after that fire, Albrecht made some sketches and other copies. Its popularity was highly spread among people that they started replicating that artwork to other mediums and they also got that art as a tattoo on their body.

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Praying hands tattoo meaning

Today in most of the religious this tattoo holds a different meaning.  Actually praying hand tattoo meaning from the culture of Japanese. Most importantly, this iconic tattoo design actually illustrates in c. 1508 by Albrecht Durer and he is a German print-maker. People can see it in the Albertina museum.

However, the style of this tattoo would be highly popular with angels, crosses, quotes and rosary beads, etc.

The truth behind this tattoo is that it actually stands for the meaning of peace because by putting your hands together you would silence your physical body, hands, and mind just to get peace.

It is a way to remember and to honor a family member, relatives, and friends, for some people. During dark times of sorrow, it could serve as a small reminder to hang onto hope and raise ourselves.

                                                            Small Praying Hands Tattoo

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Some people like to get this tattoo, just because it looks good or they also think that it would be great to have such a famous tattoo.

This tattoo also represents the depressions and hardships that people face in life and how they have overcome that depression successfully.

Parents also want to get that tattoo and they also like to have one put on their children, which help to create an everlasting bond among parent and her or his offsprings.

At the present time, this tattoo has also 2nd meaning, that it is the Drakes logo, who is one of the most famous rappers today. Due to these reasons, this tattoo becomes so popular in the west part of the world.

Overall, the meaning of this beautiful tattoo actually differs according to cultures and time.

For example, in the same culture earlier people love to have this tattoo only because they truly needed their God with them always, on the other hand, today’s generation like it only because of Drakes popularity.

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Why people prefer to pray for the tattoo?

Undoubtedly, religious people actually like to have this tattoo. They like it because with the help of the symbol of tattoo you would like to ask for the gods support not only once per week but also every second of your life.

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Where to place pray hand tattoo?

By tradition for women and men, there are varies rules about the placement of this tattoo.  Women like to have this tattoo on their wrist and neck, in the opposite men like to have this tattoo on their chest, back, hand or forearm.


Style to do in God hand hands tattoo?

First of all, before getting a tattoo, you should identify what designs you like the most.

However, you would not find too many designs for this tattoo. In general, people prefer grunge, hyper-reality, 3D and minimalism, etc.

praying hands tattoo
                                                                         Praying Hands Tattoo

Usually, women praying hands designs is more tender and accurate, on the other hand, men like grunge and hardstyle.


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Types of praying tattoo designs

As people are always discovering a new creative variation in tattoo designs, it would be incorrect to give the actual number of designs variation pray tattoo. In fact, approximately all pray tattoo has a different element in designs.

However, the following are the best popular praying tattoo designs.

Scriptures Tattoo

People who love this tattoo, prefer to have a few lines from the bible. Especially, the Lord’s Prayer is one of the signs of the devotion of religious and it is more famous with Christians.


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Praying hands tattoo with Rosary

Basically, this tattoo portrays the 2 graspings holding hand a rosary. The aim of this tattoo is not only to show the devotion of religious but also to show the faithfull’s pray.



It is also quite popular among people because a cross is an image with a tattoo that works well. People usually like to have the holding hands as a part of the cross while the rest of this tattoo extends upwards above the hands.


The pray hands on a bible

People’s religious belief would also be expressed by adding the Bible.


Crown of Thorns

To add some meaning to the praying hands, this tattoo circle the pray hands with a crown of thorns. The crown also is placed in front of the thorns in a various variety of this tattoo.

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Usually, doves represent peace sign. In Christianity, it has a special place, because they exist in many stories of the Bible. In this tattoo, to symbolize peace, pray hands are often merged with a couple or one of the doves

Praying Angel/Mary

This is quite different designs from others because pray hand forms part of a tattoo but it is not the center of attraction for a tattoo. In this tattoo, a woman represents Marry who praying. It is a larger tattoo.

Each artist of all tattoos are different, so each tattoo has different unique styles. Because every artist uses different techniques, colors, and equipment.

So it would be very important for you to find the best artist from the World best tattoo shop.

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Small praying hand tattoo

praying-hands-tattoo-designs-2 praying-hands-tattoo-for-women-2 praying-hands-tattoo-for-women-3

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praying-hands-tattoo-for-women-4 praying-hands-tattoo-designs-4 praying-tattoos-6


Celebrities with a praying hands tattoo

Firstly, due to Drakes, this tattoo become popular in the west part of this earth. After him, many other celebrities also get this tattoo on their body and Justin Bieber is one of those celebrities. Picture of other celebrities who already have this tattoo is given below –


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Best free praying hands tattoo designs

Through this article, we try to collect a big collection of praying hands tattoo as much as we can. Please take a view on our all amazing praying tattoo collection

praying-hands-tattoo-11 praying-hands-tattoo-12 praying-hands-tattoo-13

praying-hands-tattoo-6 praying-hands-tattoo-7 praying-hands-tattoo-8

praying-hands-tattoo-9 praying-hands-tattoo-designs-1 praying-hands-tattoo-designs-2

praying-hands-tattoo-designs-3 praying-hands-tattoo-designs-5 praying-hands-tattoo-designs-6

praying-hands-tattoo-for-women-1 praying-hands-tattoo-for-women-2 praying-hands-tattoo-for-women-3

praying-hands-tattoo-for-women-4 praying-tattoos-1 praying-tattoos-3

praying-tattoos-4 praying-tattoos-5 pyaying-hand-tattoo

praying-hands-tattoo-designs-4 praying-hands-tattoo-for-women-5 praying-tattoos-2

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