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120+ Eye-Catching Music Note Tattoo – (New Ideas for 2021)

by Tattoo Shoo

Do you think to art your body with crazy tattoo designs? If so, then music note tattoo would be a great choice for you.

It is really very hard to find someone who does not like music. I cannot imagine my life without music, can you? Actually, music is one type of passion. Almost everyone loves music, but their choice would be different.

Music note tattoos are one of the cool tattoo designs among different tattoo designs. You can have these tattoo anywhere of your body but you must try music notes tattoo on arm, finger, ear, hand, and back of the neck.

What categories do you like to put yourself? Music Makers or Music Lovers? If you are a music lover you can choose a music lyrics or music note from your most favorite song.

Music Note Tattoo

You can mix your music notes tattoo with another favorite tattoo designs. Also can combine music note with the name of singer or band. You can try single or a big music note symbol. But small music note tattoos also look great on the skin. So you can try a small one.

Music Note Tattoo

History of Music Tattoo

Actually, the history of the tattoos of music notes and symbols come from the culture of tribal. Through the lens of ritual and spirituality mankind has tied tattoos and music. Because the ritualistic practice of spiritual beliefs often brought music and tattoos together. And till that practice is alive today.

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Tribal Tattoo

The Evolution of Music Tattoos

Today, both lyrical and visual mixed of music and tattoo culture began a focus on the art of the body.

Nowadays, the young generation, also love to get a tattoo of older music bands.

Music Note Tattoo

Meaning of Music Tattoo

Mainly, music notes tattoo symbolizes the passion and love for music. It also symbolizes for the feelings of hope and energy for a bright future. Actually, the deep meaning of music tattoo depends on the individual emotion for a piece of music evokes.

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Music Note Tattoo Designs

Music is one of the greatest things on our earth, it has no replacement. Getting a music tattoo is a great idea to show love for music. Here we make a great list of music tattoos designs for you. Take your time to check out all unique tattoo designs collections.

Music Note Tattoo

Music Notes Tattoo

This tattoo looks great in a different color. You can place them anywhere of your body. And the tattoo of your favorite music note could be any size. You can also choose several music notes in a line or one-note.

Musical Instrumental Tattoo

As a music lover, you can also get a tattoo of a musical instrument. You can choose piano tattoos, speakers, keyboards, violin, guitar musical tattoos, microphone, gramophone, record player, etc.

Single Note Tattoo

You could look attractive with single note tattoo. You could look appealing and classy if you place this tattoo on your neck.

Lyrical Music Tattoo

You can also choose lyrics and quotes of your favorite song. Lyrical tattoos will give you an artistic look.

Singer/Band Music Tattoo

If you want to remember your favorite band song or singer song then this would be the best option for you.

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Ideas for Music Note Tattoos Placement

You can place this tattoo on your wrist, ankle, foot, back of neck, chest, behind the ear, hand, forearm, finger, back, etc. So before getting your tattoo select the place of your body to get your tattoo.

Music Note Tattoo

The Myth about a Tattoo

One myth of tattoo is believed in our society that people who get a tattoo cannot donate blood to another person for a long time. But the truth is that after a perfect healing process anyone can donate blood. And a complete tattoo healing process takes almost 3 to 4 weeks. After this time you can easily donate blood if anyone needs it.

Tattoo Aftercare

Actually, a perfect healing process of tattoo could help your body to fade your tattoo as late as possible. So take a look at these topics Tattoo Healing Process and Tattoo Aftercare Guidelines.

Music Note Tattoo

Important Tips for Tattoo Aftercare

You must know everything about how to take care of a tattoo? And the reason is that perfect tattoo care can ensure your perfect tattoo healing process. You must also follow the following instructions

  1. Cover your tattoo with a bandage after complete your tattoo
  2. Use antibacterial liquid soap to wash your tattoo
  3. All-time use your hand to wash your tattoo, don’t use any cloth or tissue paper.
  4. Take a bath with cool water.
  5. Avoid sunlight as much as you can.
  6. Use Tattoo aftercare ointment on a daily basis but don’t try to use Vaseline, because it is harmful for your tattoo.
  7. Don’t wear a fitting dress.
  8. Try to wear soft lose dress
  9. Try to avoid shower and swimming for a couple of days.
  10. Use coconut oil and cocoa butter on your tattoo for healing the tattoo faster.

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Cost of Getting a Tattoo

Usually, the cost of the tattoo depends on various factors which are discussed here.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Tattoo

Like everything tattoo also has some advantage and disadvantage. Click here to learn more.

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Music Tattoos for Guys

Here we try to find out music tattoo ideas for guys as much as we can. Many guys love to have a music tattoo because they could easily tie their memories to it. Actually, they try to get relive from that moment once again by hearing that song. From instruments to bands you will have no boundaries to the expression that can be enabled by a music tattoo. You could run out of the room before you run out of ideas with millions of concert and albums poster to choose from.

Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo


Music tattoos for females

If you are female you will look more sexy or gorgeous with music note tattoos. So check out our list of tattoos to choose your best one.



Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo

Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo

Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo Music Note Tattoo


In summary, I like to suggest you select your favorite music note tattoo for your next tattoo. Which will help you to memorize your old memory. .

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