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How to take care of a tattoo? Instruction and tips 2021

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After getting your dream tattoo, that you always wanted, you may have a question on your mind, like what next? How to take care of a tattoo? How to heal a tattoo? What kind of ointment is safe for a tattoo? Etc.

Usually, it is very important to use ointment on a new tattoo, immediately after obtaining a tattoo. Because tattoo ointment helps to lesion healing and also prevent tattoo infection. Read our aftercare guidelines, tips and learn how to take care of a tattoo to keep tattoo healthy and hydrated.

How to take care of a tattoo

How to take care of a tattoo?

In general, in the whole process of tattooing, tattoos mainly require a lot of careful planning.
So, to maintain healthy skin and ensure a beautiful tattoo, proper instructions for new tattoo care is essential. Maintain all of the following instructions to keep your tattoo attractive and healthy.

Follow the advice of your tattoo artists

In most cases, advice for tattoo aftercare varies from the tattoo parlor to parlor. Even so, an artist in the same store suggests different ideas or advice. So, after complete your tattoo without any doubt strictly follow the advice of your tattoo artists. You may also collect the printed advice leaflet of your artist.

Wash the tattoo within a few hours of the complete tattoo. Wrap your tattoo immediately after having a tattoo for the first 2 to 5 hours. Then remove the wrap carefully and wash the whole tattoo with mild liquid soap and warm water. Apply moisturizing cream with a thin layer

After complete your tattoo washing process, put in moisturizing cream with a thin layer. Use that moisturizing cream which is recommended by your artists. Maybe your artists would advise you to continue the cleaning process at least 3 to 5 times a day. Don’t use a moisturizer which is not recommended by your tattoo artists.

Keep your tattoo clean and dry

You should avoid bath at least for a month and need to keep continue the process of tattoo cleaning. You may use medical tape to cover your tattoo.

Avoid sunlight

Sunlight is the key reason for tattoo damage or fade. So before the outing in sunlight, apply good quality sunblock on your tattoo.

Be patient at the time of tattoo healing

Basically, the total time of tattoo healing depends on the designs and size of the tattoo. To reduce healing time you should know how to minimize tattoo healing time?

Do not itch

After tattoo healing, your tattoo may flake slightly. Don’t itch your tattoo anymore. Because itches uncontrollably keep bleeding for more than one day, so if itches raised, meet with your artists to get a bit of perfect medical advice.


Visit your artists for touch up, if needed

Unfortunately, if you lose your tattoo ink, your tattoo parlor may retouch that tattoo for free. Because they have their own reputation. So, if you need to do touch-ups any part of the tattoo, don’t heist to visit your artists.

How to take care of a tattoo

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Tattoo aftercare tips

In the procedure of tattooing to puncture your skin, your artist will use the needle and below the outer layer of your skin, they will inject pigment.

Due to this whole procedure tattoo also has a remarkable impact on your skin just like any type of surgical procedure. So there is no other option to follow a safety procedure after having a tattoo.

So you should obviously consider the tattoo aftercare tips carefully after having your tattoo. Follow all of these steps at the time of your new tattoo heals.

  • After completing the whole process of tattooing you should confirm that your artist must cover your tattoo with a thin layer of a bandage and petroleum jelly.
  • you need to remove your tattoo bandage within 24 hours and then wash your tattoo with antimicrobic soap, pet dry and warm water.
  • After washing use a layer antibacterial moisturizer cream at least twice per day.
  • Avoid swimming and sunlight for a couple of weeks.
  • Don’t wear the fitting dress that will stick with the tattoo
  • Stay away from germs to protect your tattoo from infection.
  • Try to shower with cool water because hot water may fade the ink of your tattoo.
  • Don’t scratch, pick and peel the tattoo, if your tattoo develops a hard layer, otherwise, you will have an infection or lost your tattoo color.
  • If your tattoo infected or does not heal within proper time, without delay your time visit your doctor.
  • You also should find a safe practitioner, hydrate tattoo properly and consult a dermatologist to maintain an attractive beautiful body art that you always wanted.

How to take care of a tattoo

Risk of having a tattoo

There is a risk of having an infection and other physical complications after having a tattoo including

Allergic reactions – Different color tattoo dyes may cause an allergic reaction on your body. For example, you may have an itchy rash at the site of your tattoo.

Skin infection and different skin problem – after tattooing you may have an infection and also may have a skin problem like keloids and overgrowth of scar tissue, etc

Bloodborne diseases – You may have blood born disease, if your artists used that equipment which is contaminated with infected blood, including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, etc.

MRI complications – as tattoo are permanent art, which may cause burning in the affected areas during the time of MRI exam.

So, if you experience any type of allergic reaction, infection and other types of skin problem, then you might need medication or other medical treatment.

How to heal a tattoo?

Usually within 2 to 3 weeks of tattoo healed completely. But for some reasons, it may delay. So before getting your tattoo, you should know how to heal a tattoo. And we discussed the whole process of the tattoo under the topic of how long does it take for a tattoo to heal?


How to take care of a tattoo

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How long after a tattoo can you shower?

You may probably have one question on your mind that is it safe to have a shower? The answer is yes, but you need to be more careful. With a protective wrap off you can be able to take a shower whenever you want. But after complete your tattoo you should wait for 24 hours to have your first shower. But always keep in mind that, you must follow the instruction of your artist first and foremost because they are expert on tattoo care. So try to follow the best possible aftercare routine for the shower.


What kind of lotion do you put on tattoos?

In the market, there is a huge collection of tattoo aftercare ointment. As a result, it becomes so difficult for someone to select which one is actually helpful and which one is harmful. To remove blood, all ointment and another residue you should wash your tattoo lightly. And after complete your wash apply ointment carefully. Moisturizing lotion is perfect for tattoo care. Here we list the name of best tattoo lotion and cream that will be very helpful to maintain or protect your new ink.

Hustle Butter

Deluxe is one of the best lotions. During the time of the healing process, it actually works amazingly. It helps to keep your tattoo well hydrated and you may also use it if you have the experience of itching and irritation.

How to take care of a tattoo

Billy jealousy tattoo lotion
A+D ointment
Aquaphor advanced therapy healing ointment
H2Ocean ocean care tattoo aftercare lotion and
Tattoo goo original aftercare lotion

Now a day’s natural aftercare process of tattoo becomes popular day by day. During the initial healing process, Cocoa butter and coconut oil are a great choice to use on a tattoo. But everyone has different skin type, so these products may also cause irritation to a tattoo.

So it will be better to use a specialized tattoo lotion initially and to use a natural oil you should wait until your tattoo begins to scab.

And don’t try to use Vaseline or petroleum jelly at all, because generally it is a bad product, for using Vaseline air cannot enter into the tattoo area.

Therefore tattoo area cannot receive the required oxygen, which may cause infection and also delay the time of tattoo healing. Vaseline is only useful during having a shower with a tattoo because at that time it protects your tattoo.

The benefit of using tattoo aftercare ointments

Improve appearance – aftercare ointments help to protect colors and designs of a tattoo to maintain the new look of the tattoo.

Nourishes skin – Many aftercare lotions are formulated with vitamins and nutrients to expedite and enhance the process of tattoo healing.

Prevents infections – tattoo aftercare ointments use to moisturizing the tattooed area to stop scabs from forming to prevent the spread of bacteria

Relieves irritation– tattoo aftercare ointments also helps to reduce rashes, itchiness and another type of skin-irritant conditions.

tattoo shoo

How to take care of a tattoo? All of these above answers in this article for this question does not represent medical advice, we just try to advise you as the need for people’s information purpose.

People believe that after complete the total healing process, they don’t need to care for their tattoo and that is a completely wrong idea. You should keep your tattooed as hydrated as you can and as well-nourished as you can.

Basically moisturizing lotions help to prevent the tattoo from faded and looking distorted as it ages. Among lots of tattoo care products, choosing the best one is confusing for you. So you may stick to the products all that is mentioned above.

Hope that from this article you could get a proper instruction of tattoo aftercare guideline. So make a routine to take care of your tattoo to keep your tattoo fresh for a long time with an attractive look.

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