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99+ Hawaiian Turtle Tattoo Symbol of Strength and Determination-2021

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Hawaiian turtle tattoo is a famous symbol of strength and determination. Hawaiian sea turtle tattoo is common as tattoo art in different cultures. Turtle become popular among people because it has the ability to survive in both land and water. The hard shell support it to travel across the sea for long-distance.

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Hawaiian Turtle Tattoo

Hawaii sea turtle tattoo has its own rich history. Many people believe that they are responsible for the planet’s movement through the stars. Furthermore, many Native Americans believe that the planet is carried on the hard shell of a giant turtle.

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

What is Turtle Called in Hawaii?

In the Hawaiian culture sea turtle is called ‘Honu’. Actually ‘Honu’ is usually a hawkbill sea turtle.

What does a Turtle Symbolize in Hawaii?

What is the symbolic meaning of a sea turtle? In Hawaii culture, the Hawaiian turtle tattoo symbolizes wisdom, endurance, patience, and good luck. Usually, the turtle represents a link between people with the sea and land. It is estimated that almost 1 turtle in 1000 will survive to adulthood.

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

What Does a Hawaiian Turtle Tattoo Mean?

Usually, a Hawaiian turtle tattoo is considered as one of the unique tattoo designs. The symbol of the turtle tattoo is used as a symbol of patience, long life, and good luck. Hawaiian sea turtle tattoo meaning is given below-

Immortality – Usually, sea turtle lives a long life before they die, for this reason, they are used as the symbol of immortality.

Fertility – At a one-time turtle has the ability to lay 100 eggs. This unique ability makes them a symbol of fertility or creation. Basically, men and women like to wear this turtle tattoo to show their fertility ability. Because in different cultures an infertile person is considered as the cursed.

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Strength and security – Actually, the turtle has a strong shell that helps it to protect itself from any type of danger. Therefore people like to use this tattoo to show that they are strong and secure from any danger.

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Faithfulness – Across the see, a turtle can travel for long-distance. But, the most important fact about this turtle is that it always back to its own house. With regard to this quality, people like to wear a turtle tattoo as a sign of faithfulness to their family.

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Steadfastness – Turtle is considered as one animal who moves very slowly. Although they are not able to move quickly they always become a success to rich at their destination. Therefore, people like to wear this tattoo to represent that although they are moving slowly in their life they will sure to achieve their ambitions and dreams.

Hawaiian Turtle Tattoos Designs

You may find lots of Hawaiian turtle tattoo images by Google searching. But here you get eye-catching tattoo designs that will satisfy your mind and eye. Please take a look at our following collections.


Hawaiian Tribal Turtle Tattoo

In this modern era, tribal Hawaiian turtle tattoo represents a different unique theme. As we know that turtle tattoo symbolizes determination and endurance. Tribal designs on turtle tattoo bring a unique look to this tattoo. Because tribal tattoo designs have their own unique pattern that makes this tattoo a gorgeous look. Take a view on Hawaiian tribal turtle tattoo designs.

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Flower tattoo has its own popularity among people. Almost every person like a flower because of its natural beauty. The combination of Hawaiian turtle flower tattoos looks beautiful. It represents the combination meaning of flower and turtle. Turtle stands for determination and strong personality on the other hand flower stands for love, luxury, love, and magnificence. If you have all of this quality in your personality you can go with this Turtle Hawaiian flower tattoos.

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Tattoos

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Small Hawaiian Turtle Tattoos

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Types of Hawaiian Turtle Tattoo

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Cartoonish Tattoos

In this type of tattoo, an individual can provide the feminine look to their turtle tattoo

Usually, these types of tattoo include multiple tattoos of turtle that is swimming in one line. It looks great in arm and leg.

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Edgy Tattoos

Basically, these designs use geometric shapes in turtle form.

Hawaiian turtle tattoo 

Cutesy Tattoos

The beauty of this tattoo is that with the shape of a turtle you can also use other symbols as you like.


Slogan Tattoos

The main difference of this tattoo is that you can add any slogan of your favorite with any types of turtle tattoo designs.

Celtic Tattoos

Celtic tattoos look like Celtic knots and only that instead on Celtic knots symbol of turtle is used. Celtic knots have infinitive loops and these loops and turtle symbols are used by an individual to express their desires for long and healthy life. You can use this tattoo as inspiration.

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Placement Ideas for Turtle Tattoos

The specialty of this tattoo is that it looks great in both small and large sizes. For Large tattoo, the best placement part of the body will be the back, chest, shoulder belly, whole hand, and full leg.  On the other hand for small one forearm, upper arm, foot, leg, hand, sleeve these places will be best. Both males and females can wear this tattoo.

Hawaiian turtle tattoo

Finally, we can hope that the design collection of Hawaiian turtle tattoo would satisfy you a lot and also hope you enjoyed a lot by visiting this blog. For getting more updated ideas about trending tattoo designs please keep visiting our website. Feel free to post your own opinion in the comment section below.

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