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150+ Hannya Mask Tattoo (Seductive Designs 2021)

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Are you excited to get Hannya Mask Tattoo? No matter what you visualize when picturing your Hannya mask tattoo, you must hire experienced tattoo artists who can easily bring your vision to life.

hannya mask tattoo

Hannya Mask Tattoo

Undoubtedly, hannya tattoo is one of the popular choices for Japanese themed tattoos. Actually, the harrowing icon of this tattoo is a mainstay of the country’s ancient theater.

Basically, the meaning of this tattoo signifies the spirit of a scorned of the female lover. So, if you have unforgiving ex-girlfriend, then you can this tattoo.

 Important Fact about Hannya Mask Tattoo

hannya mask tattoo

Usually, this tattoo was used in kyogen and noh theater shows of japan. Actually hannya mask represents the story about Prince Genji.

He married a lady. Her name was Lady Aoi. She had a name that is Lady Rokujo.

After married when prince ignores his wife at the time of her pregnancy. For this reason, his wife becomes an immensely jealous woman. She was trying to overcome it with violent anger. She not only transforms into a demon but also kills her.

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Japanese Tattoo Meanings

This tattoo is very popular in Japanese culture. Actually, for centuries it has been a prominent symbol in the culture. But now it is known all over the world. The important fact about this tattoo is discussed below –

  1. Hannya word is a Sino-Japanese word that represents wisdom and knowledge.
  2. It also represents that demon overcome with anger and jealousy.
  3. This mask used in the traditional Japanese theatre
  4. It comes in bland, neutral colors or very vibrant bold colors.
  5. It is also portrayed as an expression of suffering and guilt.
  6. Tattoo artists can put their own creative twist on this tattoo.

hannya mask tattoo

What is the meaning of Hannya Mask Tattoo?

Basically, Hannya tattoo represents a different stage of emotion. Here is some most common meaning of this tattoo are given. Take a look








hannya mask tattoo


The meanings of this tattoo are discussed below-

Anger, Jealousy and Resentment

This tattoo actually indicates that who get this tattoo is unforgiving.

Pure Evil

Red Hannya mask tattoo indicates that someone who wears this tattoo has completely lost their control and become a demon.

Love and Passion

This tattoo represents someone who actually can give all of himself or herself in a romantic relationship.

Luck of Good

To bring good luck, this tattoo also used to scare and also evil spirits.

Judge among Evil and Good

Actually Hannya is the women version of the Oni (male demon). Actually by spreading disease Oni punishes people. Oni mask tattoo also popular among people.


This tattoo actually is a reminder to those who have this tattoo to be prudent to their relationship.

Tormented Women Spirit

The mask of this tattoo represents women who are haunted emotionally.

Haunted Past

If you have any memory that haunts you and serves as a lesson, that has an important value in your life.


You can have this tattoo to symbolize your profession and love for theater and to the culture of Japanese.

Hannya Tattoo Designs

First of all, select the place of your body part. After then choose your best tattoo designs from the following list. After selecting tattoo chose the world best tattoo artists. Because experienced artists can perfectly layout your tattoo designs on your body.  


Tidal Waves

Both wave and Hannya can destructive and they also have the moment of solitude and calm.


Hannya Chrysanthemums tattoo actually represents an anguished person who desires to escape their emotion.

Cherry Blossom

Usually, it represents life after death. A Hannya cherry blossom tattoo is a symbol to achieve a good life after dealing with a bed past.

Maple Leaves

Basically, these leaves are a symbol of the life cycle. And the mask with maple leaves represents that someone who has an emotional past who actually hopes for a better future.


Snake basically use as the symbol of protection and good luck. And the culture of the ancient Japanese snake represents immortality.


Skull usually used to honor the dead it also used as a symbol to represent a life cycle positively.


Hannya mask with koi fish represents strength, bravery, and determination. It also represents the sign that the wearer of a tattoo is determined to wreak havoc.


Dragon tattoo with Hannya mask represents the struggle between using your power for hateful vengeance, that used to do good.


It represents intrigue and feminine power.


Indeed Samurai tattoo represents discipline and strength on the other hand Hannya represent uncontrolled behavior. So the combination between Hannya and Samurai may represent the struggle between mindful thinking and restrained. It could also represent untethered emotions that may cause harm.

hannya mask tattoo

Would you determined to get a Hannya mask tattoo? Please take time and chose your tattoo designs and best tattoo artist to get the best tattoo that will represent your personality sharply.

You can have Hannya mask hand tattoo, Hannya masks leg tattoo, Hannya masks back tattoo And before having your tattoo check Hannya mask drawing, to get the best result.

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hannya mask tattoo


hannya mask tattoo

hannya mask tattoo

hannya mask tattoo

hannya mask tattoo

hannya mask tattoo

hannya mask tattoo

hannya mask tattoo

hannya mask tattoo

hannya mask tattoo

hannya mask tattoo

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