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101+ Remarkable Cross Tattoos on Wrist (Update 2021)

by Tattoo Shoo

Why you don’t try cross tattoos on wrist? It will help you to express your particular unique idea. If you really want people to understand the deep meaning of tattoo, you definitely try this tattoo. This tattoo can spell a range of feelings, from rebellion to reverence.

cross tattoos on wrist

Because of the personal and deep meaning of this cross tattoos on wrist, it is extremely popular tattoos among people. You can easily customize your designs with other designs which you like most. It absolutely a popular design for both gender. Its meaning actually depends on the designs, size and another element which you want to add.

So, have you already made a commitment to ink meaningful wrist tattoos? Check out the most popular cross inspirational wrist tattoos designs, which will satisfy your eyes.

cross tattoos on wrist


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Cross Tattoos on Wrist Meaning

In general, the 2 crossed line of this symbol actually symbolizes the 4 direction, which also may symbolize for the four phases of natural disaster and the moon. Along with, in Syria, the two crossed line of this symbol usually symbolize for the 4 basic elements of the universe.

And in the culture of Chinese, it symbolizes a staircase to heaven and in Mexico, it symbolizes an attribute of the god of rain and wind.

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Who Makes Cross Tattoos?

One of the popular tattoos among people is known as cross tattoos. Celtic cross and Latin cross tattoo are best. But people also hugely like to wear cross wrist tattoos designs. Cross is also known as the universal symbol of the cosmos.

Unfortunate, the cross signs are used in the flag of the kingdom of England. And it also used for the national flag of Georgia. In our society there exist a contrary to popular belief that the cross tattoos do not always necessarily have a religious implication.

cross tattoos on wrist

This sign also used to symbolize the Red Cross, Red Crescent, and Red Crystal, which has special protection and meaning under the international and Australian law. Usually, these signs are used in the zones of war to indicate that a vehicle, person and buildings are not actually part of the war conflict but is providing medical assistance and aid to prisoners, civilians and to wounded soldiers.

cross tattoos on wrist


Does cross sign have any relationship with Christianity?

However, since 1865, the Red Cross used as medical support. It uses on the side of a hospital, that indicate the means of medical/health/first aid service. Actually, no one knows the actual information about that, is there exist any relationship between cross signs and Christian culture.

On the other hand, in the culture of Christian people use the cross sign as their religious sign. In 1906, after ending the argument that the flag actually took its sign from the Christian culture, Red Cross sign used in the flag of Switzerland.


Myth about Tattoo

In our society, there is one myth exit on a tattoo that people who get a tattoo may not donate blood for a long time of period. But it is totally wrong. Anyone who takes their tattoo can donate blood after healing tattoo perfectly. That means after tattooing you can easily donate your blood after complete your tattoo healing process. Which may take almost 3 to 4 weeks.


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Cross Tattoos on Wrist Variations

To suit with your own designs and beliefs, you may customize your wrist cross tattoo designs. And this is the best things/side of this tattoo, which make it a popular choice for many people.

Without a doubt, you have lots of options on designs variations for this tattoo, which demonstrate how easily you can customize it to create the best reflection of its meaning.

Black Cross Tattoo/ Black Tattoos Designs

Traditionally the cross tattoo was done by the black ink. As time passes tattoo artists bring a variation of this tattoo with different color and designs. But, still, black ink is the popular color for tattoo ink.

cross tattoos on wrist

cross tattoos on wrist

cross tattoos on wrist


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cross tattoos on wrist

cross tattoos on wrist

cross tattoos on wrist

cross tattoos on wrist

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Red Cross Wrist Tattoo

To create the tattoo designs more attractive or eye-catching tattoo artists use red ink. This color will obviously make your tattoo more gorgeous.

cross tattoos on wrist


cross tattoos on wrist


cross tattoos on wrist

White Ink Tattoo/ White Ink Cross Tattoo

Do you prefer unique tattoos? Then you may choose white color for your cross tattoo/small cross tattoo. White cross wrist tattoo is pretty much popular tattoo. It will give you a totally different unique outlook. It may actually leave a lasting impression to any people. This tattoo is most popular among both male and female.

cross tattoos on wrist

Why White Ink Tattoo, Why Not Black?

Generally, white ink tattoo looks extraordinary. Especially people love to choose this color tattoo because this tattoo brightens up skins and the designs. Which you cannot find this look in another tattoo. This tattoo will glow in the dark and in a black light

White ink also more subtle than the color of black. The look of a white ink tattoo basically depends on skin tone. The white color will pop more in the darker skin. This tattoo also very cool tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist

Before getting white ink cross wrist tattoo, I like to advise you to find experienced tattoo artists who work with white ink. Because this ink is thicker than other traditional ink and besides this, it also requires more attention than another tattoo.

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Tattoo Aftercare

It should be noted that before getting a tattoo you clearly should know the basic guideline of tattoo aftercare. Because the white ink tattoo requires more care than other traditional tattoos. They also need more time to heal. Please read the following topic carefully

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cross tattoos on wrist

Colorful Cross Tattoo on Wrist Designs

Who doesn’t like the color? When it comes to the color for the tattoo, you may find lots of variations and you may also customize your tattoo with your favorite color.

cross tattoos on wrist

cross tattoos on wrist


cross tattoos on wrist


Unique Cross Tattoos / Unique Wrist Tattoos

Art your body with the following outstanding tattoo designs. Here we collect breathtaking unique cross tattoo on wrist, which will suit you most. Please take a view on our all collections.

Stylish Cross tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist

Cross Heart Tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist


Cross Tattoo with Message Designs

cross tattoos on wrist

Think Positive Cross Tattoo On Wrist

cross tattoos on wrist

Cross Tattoos with Infinity Symbol

cross tattoos on wrist


Celtic Cross Tattoo on Wrist

cross tattoos on wrist

Outline Beautiful Cross Tattoo on Wrist

cross tattoos on wrist

Semicolon and Cross Tattoo on Wrist

cross tattoos on wrist

Slim Cross Tattoo on Wrist

cross tattoos on wrist

Small Cross Tattoo on Wrist

cross tattoos on wrist


Cross and Bracelet Tattoo/ wrist bracelet tattoos

cross tattoos on wrist

Faith Is God Cross Tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist


Cross Tattoo on Side Wrist

cross tattoos on wrist

Rosary Cross Wrist Tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist

Simple Cross Tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist

Funky Cross Tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist

Cross Tattoo on Both Wrist

cross tattoos on wrist

Be Still Wrist Tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist

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Celebrities Cross Tattoos on Wrist

A big percentage of tattoo’s popularity actually come from celebrities. Because people love to inspire by their favorite celebrities tattoos.  Here we collect the picture of that celebrity who do the cross tattoo on their wrist.

Eiza Gonzalez’s Cross Tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist

Paige Danielle’s Cross Tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist

Ranveer Kapoor’s Cross Tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist

Jasmine Sander’s Cross Tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist

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 Demi Lovato

cross tattoos on wrist

Zoe Kravitz’s Cross Tattoo

cross tattoos on wrist

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Hopefully, this article helps you to find your gorgeous cross tattoos on wrist. Please feel free for a further query about the tattoo in the comment box.

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amazing-black-ink-cross-tattoos-on-wrists ankle-simple-cross-tattoos-for-men

attractive-cross-tattoo-designs Awesome-Black-Ink-Cross-Tattoo-On-Wrist

Awsome-3-D-Tattoo-On-Wrist Be-Still-Wrist-cross-Tattoo

be-still-cross-tattoos-47 Beautiful-Cross-Tattoo-On-Wrist

Before-Me-Christian-Cross-Tattoo-On-Wrist Best-Cross-Tattoos-for-Men-and-Women-5

Big-Black-Cross-Tattoo-Design-On-Wrist-wrt0005 Black-Cross-Tattoo-On-Side-Wrist-wrt0007

Black-cross-wrist-tattoo-280x311 black-ink-cross-tattoo-on-right-arm

Black-Ink-Cross-Tattoo-On-Wrist black-ink-cross-tattoos-on-both-wrists

Black-Ink-Faith-Lettering-With-Cross-Tattoo-On-Right-Wrist Black-Ink-Faith-Tattoo-On-Wrist

black-ink-simple-cross-male-tattoo-on-neck Black-Ink-Simple-Cross-With-Heart-Infinity-Faith-Tattoo-On-Girl

black-ink-small-cross-tattoo-on-wrist celtic-cross-Tattoo-wrist

Celtic-cross-wrist-tattoos colorful-cross-tattoo

Colourful-Cross-On-Wrist-WT112 Cool-Cross-Wrist-Tattoos

Couple-Cross-Wrist-Tattoos Cross-And-Bracellet-Tattoo

Cross-Heart-Star-Tattoo-On-Wrist cross-tattoo-with-message

cross-tattoos-08 cross-tattoos-on-side-wrist

cross-tattoos-on-wrist cross-tattoos-women

cross-tattoos-wrist cross-tiny-tattoo

Cross-Wrist-Tattoo-With-Circle-Of-Words cross-wrist-tattoos

crucifix-finger-tattoo-for-men Cute-Small-Tattoo-Designs-for-Women

d08e5b169518a2f1a6499e6716db61eb Delightful-Black-Cross-Tattoo-Design-wrt0034

De-YIAu4-W4-Aw-Jfs9 Double-Design-Cross

Funky-Cross-Tattoo Gorgeous-Cross-Tattoo-Design

graceful-cross-tattoo Heart-Cross-Tattoo-On-Wrist

images images-1

Little-Black-Cross-Tattoo-Design-wrt0042 Love-Cross-Tattoo-Design-On-Wrist

Nice-Cross-Tattoo-On-wrist Nick-Cross-Tattoo-On-Wrist

Outline-Beautiful-Cross-On-Wrist Preety-Impreesive-Cross-On-Tattoo-wrist

rosary-cross-wrist-tattoos rosary-tattoo-on-wrist

Semicolon-And-Cross-Tattoo-On-Wrist Semicolon-Tattoo-46-650x650

semicolon-tattoos-39 Simple-black-ink-cross-tattoo-on-wrist

Simple-Cross-Tattoos Slim-Cross-Tattoo-On-Wrist

slim-Cross-Tattoo-On-Wrist-WT135-600x511 Small-Black-Cross-Tattoo-wrt0054-1

Small-Cross-Tattoo Small-Cross-Tattoo-On-Wrist

small-cross-tattoos-on-wrist-design-Men Small-Cross-With-Quotes

small-wrist-tattoo-cross-WT146-600x600 Smiling-Girl-With-Black-Cross-Wrist-Tattoos

Style-Cross-On-Wrist Stylish-Cross-Tattoo

Stylish-Cross-Tattoo-designs tattoos-cross11

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tiny-cross-tattoo-on-wrist-21 tiny-cross-tattoos-50-unique-small-cross-tattoo-designs-simple-a

top-60-best-cross-tattoos-for-men Tumblr-Cross-Tattoo

wrist-black-ink-cross-tattoo wrist-tattoos-02

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