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Cross Tattoo Designs – Unique Ideas for 2021

by Tattoo Shoo

Do you need help with choosing cross tattoo designs? Then you are in the right place. In this article, you can get unique cross tattoo designs with different colors and meaningscross tattoo designs.

Cross tattoo is one of the very common designs of tattoo for people who love to have a tattoo on their body.

Actually, this tattoo carries a deep meaning, which expresses one’s religion and spirituality. The symbol of this tattoo can be recognized easily.

In our society, there exists one religion which can be identified through cross symbol, and that religion is Christianity. Other cultures and religions are also connected with the cross symbol, which stands for devotion, sacrifice, and love.

cross tattoo designs

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Meaning of Cross tattoo designs 

Usually, the tattoo of the cross have different meanings and the meaning depends on which types of cross actually used in a tattoo.

Wearing a cross tattoo is the best way to express people’s idea of heavy conviction. To honor the death of love, a symbol of a simple cross tattoo can be used.

Actually, a cross tattoo is the symbol that people love to wear to honor the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Some other meanings of cross tattoo designs are include





Love and more


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Placement of Cross tattoo

This tattoo may look great in any part of your body.

You can have cross tattoos on the wrist, cross tattoos on chest, on the biceps, on the back, neck, finger, and hand. However, this tattoo would look best in place that is visible and open. So before having your tattoo, you should ensure an area where your selected designs would beautifully place. And you also need to keep in mind that you must select a place where you feel comfortable with your tattoo.


There is another place for this tattoo that is the behind of your ear. It is really a cool place, especially for women. And it will look stylish on men with dark bold color.

cross tattoo designs

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Forms of cross tattoo style

Usually, there exist multiple forms of this tattoo that include the following forms

X shape

The Ankh cross

The sun cross

Swastika cross etc.

In general, the cross traditionally marks as some form of hope. It used as a reminder of faith, a symbol to hope or as a cool tattoo. It is a timeless piece in the culture of a tattoo.


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Beautiful cross tattoo designs and ideas

Here we discussed all unique cross tattoos which are the beautiful one.


The biblical version of the cross

This cross tattoo is most popular among all. In this version, the son of God was crucified. As a result, this version stands for sacrifice. On the other hand, there also have some other tattoo, in which Jesus actually Christ himself.


Inverted cross

There is another cross tattoo exist, which is an inverted cross. This cross tattoo connected with Saint Peter, he also crucified with Jesus Christ.

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The Celtic cross

It is another best designs of a cross, that usually seen among men.  This tattoo stands as a symbol for both Christianity and heritage. It basically comes in green-and-gold or black-and-grey.


A Maltese cross

These tattoo designs represent sacrifice and courage. It may be the best tattoo choice for soldiers, policemen, and firefighters. This cross actually associated with a knight, that makes this tattoo designs the best representative of loyalty, honor, and justice. You may color this tattoo with red and to avoid confusion, you may also leave it in gray-and-black.

As this tattoo is open, you may mix it or match it with other tattoo designs. Foe instead you could pair your cross tattoo with the rose of black colored to pay salute to a loss of a loved one.

You may personalize tattoo designs and also could add some element, according to the experience level of your tattoo artists.

You also may combine the symbol of a cross tattoo with different words.


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Small cross tattoo

We prefer to recommend you of having a small cross tattoo if you like a more subtle tattoo. You may place your small tattoo on your finger, wrist, nape, and ankles. Absolutely, there are some other areas that best kept away from this tattoo. You don’t recognize that place? Hey, common guys don’t be confused, you know clearly where it is, and there is no need to clear it up. Please check out our small cross tattoo image gallery.

cross tattoo designs

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The color of simple cross tattoo designs

You may easily go with a color that would reflect well on the skin of yours. However, most of the cross tattoo is usually inked with black color.

We like to suggest you go with a traditional gray-and-black color. But it’s your tattoo so feel free to have any color.

In the heart area dark and thick layer color usually looks best.

In the tattoo world watercolor is also very popular. You also may try this color.


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How to take care of a tattoo?

Suppose after a long time with lots of pain you got your dreams tattoo designs, but after sometimes your tattoo becomes unclear or just look like ugly for infection. In that situation what should you do? The answer is nothing, surprise? Yes, it is true, you can’t do anything with that tattoo, but you can do many things before facing that situation.  After having a tattoo, immediately you should follow proper tattoo aftercare guideline to protect your tattoo to become ugly, dal, etc.

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So, now let’s take a view on our interesting cross tattoo designs


Cool Cross Tattoo for Women

cross tattoo designs


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cross tattoo designs

cross tattoo designs


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cross tattoo designs

Cool Cross Tattoo for Men

cross tattoo designs

cross tattoo designs

cross tattoo designs

cross tattoo designs

cross tattoo designs


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