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Can Tattoo Cause Cancer? Disadvantage of Tattoo Ink (2021)

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Can tattoo cause cancer?

Can tattoo cause cancer? If you like a tattoo you may have this question in your mind. Don’t worry in this article I am going to give you a clear answer to this question. But before that, you need to know are tattoo really harmful to human health? Yes, all types of diseases can attack your body for all of the following common mistakes.

  1. If tools, which are used for tattooing, are not properly purified.
  2. If your tattoo artist does not use hand gloves.
  3. Date expired tattoo ink or low-quality ink can cause cancer

However, a tattoo is known as the common form of self-sustaining. But it may cause skin damage and some complications like long term effects of the tattoo ink and sometimes colorings remain unknown. Approximately, fifty colorings usually used in tattoos are approved as cosmetics, but the problem is that the risk of injecting this approved tattoo ink is still unclear. Let’s take a look at the question of can you get cancer from the ink of the tattoo? Please continue your reading.

Can tattoo cause cancer?

Can tattoo cause cancer?


Can tattoo cause cancer?

Can tattoo cause cancer?

Especially, health researchers have been exploring this question for years.

Although there has no direct link between tattoo and cancer, there has some intermixture in tattoo ink that may cause skin cancer. Continue your reading to learn details about can tattoo causes cancer?

  1. Benzo(a)pyrene

Especially, the black tattoo ink is very dangerous, because it contains a high level of benzo(a)pyrene, which is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. Basically, it is known as a major toxicant that is usually found in charcoal-broiled food, diesel, cigarette smoke, and industrial waste. With this intention, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), it is listed as a carcinogen. As black tattoo ink is one of the common choices of people, health researchers are especially concerned about the side effect of this ink.

  1. Change in the skin pigmentation

However, a change in skin pigmentation is the common earliest sign of cancer. Usually, no one cannot be able to identify these changes, when the ski is blacked out with ink of the tattoo. Because of that fact, a tattoo should not be placed over birthmarks, pre-existing moles or other skin abnormalities and discolorations.


  1. When tattoo begins to lose its pigment

As time passing tattoo usually, begins to lose its pigment, and for the reason that many cancer-causing compounds may create.


  1. Lack of regulation on ink ingredients

Lack of regulation on using quality ingredients on tattoo ink may cause cancer. European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) suggests that some strict restrictions are needs for protecting the public from risky chemicals that are usually used for making tattoo ink. So, if you don’t want to take any risk of facing any health problem you must choose the best tattoo shop that is famous and popular for its quality maintenance. You may take a view on the following topics where you will get the list of world top-rated tattoo shops.


  1. If follow tattoo aftercare irrelevantly

Can tattoo cause cancer? Yes, you may cause cancer if your tattoo does not heal properly. Your tattoo will be healed properly by following a perfect tattoo healing process.

And you also need to follow a proper tattoo aftercare instructions. Otherwise, your tattoo will be affected by bacteria that may cause different infections and which may also cause cancer.

Can tattoo cause cancer?

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Other Health Risk of Tattoos

Can tattoos cause health problems? Although, maximum infection is killed through Antibiotics, for some tattoo infection sometimes Antibiotics don’t respond properly.

Can tattoo cause cancer?


Here, I also list some other types of health complications that are caused due to the side effect of tattoo ink. Let’s take a look.

  • Allergic Reactions

If your skin is very sensitive you must think carefully before having a tattoo. Because you may get allergic reactions from the dyes that are used for doing a tattoo. But if you really love to have a tattoo on your body, then I would like to suggest you consult with an allergy specialist for getting the best suggestion for your health.


  • Hepatitis

It is one of the common side effects of tattooing. Basically, it happens when the same needle is used with one another. Due to this fact, you should choose the best tattoo shop that has an expert tattoo artist and who strictly follows the safety issues that must follow to keep an individual’s health perfect. Usually, a tattoo shop that charges a low price for tattooing has the practice of using the same tattoo needle with other individuals.

  • MRI Complications

If you have some health problem that requires regular basis MRIs, then you should hold forgetting your tattoo. Because, if you need to get MRI after tattooing then the magnets can cause reactions around your tattooed area such as swelling, redness or 1st/2nd degree burns. So, be careful if you have an MRI scheduled in the hospital.

  • Some other side effects of tattooing are given below
  • Skin infection like tuberculosis or staph infection
  • Development of granulomas around the tattooed area.
  • Formation of keloids that are overgrowths of scar tissue.

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Safety Measure for Tattoo

  • Must try to get your tattoo from a licensed and reputable tattoo parlor, who follow the latest health safety laws.
  • Make sure that tattoo needles are not reused. You can make a deal with parlor authority without tattoo needles and can take a list of necessary tattoo needle names so that you can buy them from your own choice.
  • Also, make sure that your tattoo artists wash hands properly before starting tattooing and also use hand gloves.
  • After finishing your tattoo make sure that tattoo artist perfectly bandages your tattooed area.
  • Try to follow all the instructions of your artist
  • Also, follow a proper guideline of tattoo aftercare instructions.

Final Word

Although, nowadays tattoo has huge popularity the whole procedure of getting a tattoo has some health risk that also includes cancer.

Hopefully, from this article, you already get a clear idea about the question of can tattoo cause cancer?

Usually, a tattoo is created by inserting the tattoo ink into the layer of the skin through a needle. Basically, this whole process changes the pigment of the skin. So, before making any decision to tattooing your body, it is important for you to understand what are the adverse side effect of having a tattoo?

So to avoid the risk of cancer and other side effects you must be careful about the quality of tattoo ink. Because tattoo inks are blended with different ingredients. Usually, chemical components of inks are often bought from suppliers to mix and after that, it sold to dealers or ink distributors and finally, the tattoo shop collects ink from them. You should also do a tattoo skin cancer check.

Can tattoo cause cancer?

If you already have a tattoo and you are at the risk of getting the side effects of tattoo ink poisoning, please don’t be late. You should visit your doctor as soon as possible. If your doctor suggests for tattoo removal. From the following topics you can get help about removing your tattoo, please take a view.

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