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20+ Best Japanese Tattoo Artist – List of 2021

by Tattoo Shoo

Are you looking for the best Japanese tattoo artist? Don’t worry check out the following list of the best Japanese-style tattoo artists. From where you can easily choose one artist as your next tattoo artist. Please take a view.

Best Japanese Tattoo Artist

Japan has one of the best oldest and popular tattoo cultures. Most importantly almost for every tattoo artist Japanese tattoo style is a great challenge. However, the beauty of the Japanese tattoo basically lies in its vast symbolic and historical aspects that make this tattoo such an inspiring artist outlet.

Throughout the world, there are lots of skilled tattoo artists who basically practiced Japanese style tattoo for many years. Among them, a traditional Japanese tattoo artist is very popular. The name of some famous Japanese tattoo artist is Horiyoshi 3, Horitomo, Horimasa, Horikoshi, and Portada.

Furthermore, in the tattoo industry there also some non-Japanese tattooists who basically practice tattooing in japan. For Example – Chris Garver, Henning Jorgensen, Ami James, Miki Rubendall, Sergy Buslaav are some non-Japanese famous tattoo artists, who became popular for doing Japanese tattoo.

Although, there are lots of male tattoo artists who are known as popular Japanese tattoo artists, in this modern era many females have lots of interest in this sector and they basically choose tattooing as their main profession. Among many female tattooist Kanae, Wendy Pham, Aya Dolce, and Inkrat they are very famous as a female Japanese tattoo artist.


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Basically, by using only some characters traditional Japanese work has a great innate ability to tell a concise and clear story. And this is the main reason that this tattoo becomes famous among many people in the world. Here we list the name of some best Japanese tattoo artists who are famous for their great traditional tattoo work.


Horitomo – He is a Japanese artist who usually combines two of his great passion and that’s are cats and tattoos.

Horiyoshi 3 – He is a popular Japanese style tattoo artist based in Japan. Generally, he restricts his motifs to the classical repertories of the vast variety of traditional Japanese designs and stories like koi, tenyo, dragons, etc.


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Horitada –  He is known as one of the best traditional tattoo artists in the whole world. He actually works with black and grey color. He loves to make a tattoo with minimal coloration that accents these depictions of classic Japanese iconography like dragons, samurai, blossoms, and koi.

Horikitsune – He is a member of the Horiyoshi 3 family. He, manually drive tattoo ink into the body’s skin by using bamboo instruments and needles.

Horiyen – He works with both traditional hand-poked tattooing and electrical tattoo machine. He likes both colorful tattoos and tattoos with the color of black and grey.



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Shige Iwasaki – He is a world-renowned tattoo artist, who is known as ‘Shige’ in the tattoo industry.

Haewall – He is from South Korea. He likes a clean, smooth approach in his tattoo designs. Because of the amazing technical application, his designs look so elegant.


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Asao – She is a popular female Japanese style tattoo artist. Her tattoo work is stunning.

Horiyasu – He is one of Japan’s best tattoo artists. He only specializes in Japanese tattoo work. He is one of the highly regarded tattoo artists in Japan.


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As has been mentioned the best Japanese tattoo artist list will help you a lot to get a great idea about a Japanese tattoo artist who is famous because of their unique pattern of tattoo work. If you have any suggestions for us please feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.


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